Top 15 of the best tweets from @charliemedusa, it’s a good laugh

Between the start of the school year, the return of the season when we don’t know how to dress and the price of a liter of gasoline which has decided to reach that of a Parisian apartment, we all need to laugh a little. Fortunately, @charliemedusa is here to make us smile with his tweets. Good reading and good end of life to all!

1. That’s why they don’t take us seriously

2. Zola we talk to you too

3. A little too true

4. Crossing the street while on your cell phone is a true Parisian sport

5. They always do SAM in the evening the poor

6. Arrive 1 hour early at the station and 4 hours early at the airport

7. A very funny shrink

8. Doctor joke

9. The daron who doesn’t know what’s under the wrapper

10. It’s the Least

11. Speaking of tea jokes

12. It’s outrageous and nobody says anything

13. We’re Completely Lost

14. Something for everyone

15. Teenage dirt bag, baby

Move on, there’s nothing more to see.