Top 15 of the best tweets about tattoos, humor in the skin

Do you have one or more tattoos? A tribal tattoo? Do you have a Twitter account? Well if you answered yes to both questions, here are some jokes related to the art of drawing under the skin. Promise there is no infinity tattoo in this top.

1. First tattoo: a quote from Dante’s Inferno which symbolizes Man’s attraction to sin and transgression

30th tattoo: a salami and it represents a salami

2. 95 years of humor

3. Two rooms two atmospheres

4. Shouldn’t be mistaken for a ham

5. We kiss him

6. Leave the animal alone

7. Eat this

9. This Kind of Moment

10. I keep telling myself that no one can prove that Mario doesn’t actually have this tattoo.

11. A blow to your social life

12. Reflect

13. “Sometimes the meaning of a tattoo is that you got it when you were 18.”

14. We progress quickly

15. True Core Values

Who wants to get a batch of paper plates tattooed with me?

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