Top 15 of the best tweets about flea markets, Sunday fun

If you like getting up early on weekends and buying useless items to clutter up your living room, you’re bound to be a regular at flea markets in France and Navarre. Participating in a garage sale is a whole organization and there are bound to be funny anecdotes to tell.

1. It negotiates items at 3€ just for fun…

2. A perfect activity

3. Want to buy it at auction

4. The biggest rats in the department

5. That’s called a bargain

6. Way too cute

8. A Real Dilemma

9. We want to see her standing with her suitcase in the TER

10. A real treasure

11. Need to make room on the shelves

12. It’s Obvious

13. “Yes Didier, you will have your location near the bar”

14. I’ve been looking for it for years

15. There really are people without faith or law

16. A balanced day

If you want advice on how to make your sale a success, you can look for it elsewhere because we’re just here to waste money and eat greasy fries.

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