Top 15 of the best tweets about English lessons, it’s recovery

It’s back to school, the time for teenagers and students to find public transport at 7am and the breath of the math teacher. It’s also time to get back to English lessons, even if you learned more by watching the complete Game of Thrones than in 7 years of classroom lessons. English teachers, you are always nice people; we send you love.

2. Me reading long tweets in English / Me in English class

3. The explanation was necessary

4. I would have done so

5. The vicious circle of the first L

6. Can’t wait to hear her sing

7. Soutamton

8. Poor guy, his cover was almost perfect

9. It happens to even the best

10. At the same time you abused

11. It’s Always Funny

12. The classic

13. I imagine the embarrassed smile of the teacher

14. We feel like it’s going to be fine

15. And she’s right

And you, what’s your funniest memory with an English teacher? (Duolingo counts, it’s our teacher to all).

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