Top 15 of the best tweets about elementary school, only memories

We have lots of memories of elementary school and unlike middle school, it’s usually a great time for everyone. Of course, there were bad sides like the poems to learn by heart and the multiplication tables, but we still experienced a lot of small victories in primary school that we remember all our lives.

2. It’s a very good reason

3. We had smelly and itchy gloves

4. We brought your tray to the canteen and everyone signed your cast

5. It was so awful

6. When you had to take notes during a movie

7. We raised the slate as high as possible

8. Everything is back to normal

9. The best weapon in the world

10. It’s innate in all children, regardless of generation.

11. The mental load of mothers we love

12. She probably married someone else

13. What a horrible tradition

14. The washing machine in PLS

15. Our Best Ally 3Fs%3DC3A9coleprimaire&tweet_id=1345688318365872130

What a simple time when it was enough to run faster than the others to be the star of the school…

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