Top 15 of the best tweets about children’s games, we miss the playground a little

Before becoming adults and drinking coffee during our breaks, we all experienced elementary school recess where we played outside. Why don’t we hide and seek when we’re older? And why don’t we play marbles anymore? It would still be more fun (but certainly much more tiring).

2. I also want a snack please

3. Take advantage of every quiet second

4. It’s much better than extra pogs

5. I will never trade those that smell like strawberries

6. Finally let her play with the cat

7. You just had to say “cat”

8. “Do you want a Marlbo son?”

9. They understand nothing at all

10. It’s always an advantage

11. Brings back fond memories

13. Who has already played this game? I thought it was only in the books

14. Great Idea

15. It’s not because we consume 30 liters per 100 that we haven’t kept our child’s soul

A little regression never hurts. With that, I’m off to take a nap.

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