Top 15 of the best reactions of children after telling them how babies are made

When you’re a parent, you know what you’re getting into. There is a time when you are going to have to answer your child’s embarrassing questions or WORSE: your child’s existential questions. It starts with “Why is the sky blue? » and it ends with « How are babies made? », the great classic. All children are disgusted to learn the truth but they all react differently. And you, what did your children say?



It is unclear which part of the process the child is talking about. He is not at the end of his surprises the kid.


2. “Oh that’s disgusting!”

The child then added: “But you didn’t do that?! But it’s disgusting! Ahhh! You didn’t do that?! »

“Okay, let’s change the subject, what do you want for dessert? »

” Nothing. I am going to throw up. »


3. “I don’t want a little brother or sister!”

The parents bought an age-appropriate book on the subject. When the child read it, he shouted this sentence from his room.


4. “Mom, are you swallowing yourself?”

The mother told her child that we put a seed in the belly of the future mother so that a baby grows. This is the child’s reaction.


5. “Can you show me? I don’t understand whether to stay long or just 2 minutes.”

So no kitten, we’re not going to demonstrate. We’re going to have a little chat about intimacy instead.


6. “But… are there babies in my kékette?”

In fact, it’s like cooking. Flour alone does not make bread. Water alone either. But if you mix the two and put it all in the oven, it changes everything.


7. “If you want good quality seeds, it’s better to buy them from Jardiland”

You immediately recognize the kids who have green thumbs.


8. “So you bought me from the hospital?”

Yes of course, there are reductions on babies after 5 hours of waiting in the emergency room I believe.

9. “The ovaries? But I thought all the bones were white…”

Couldn’t find a cuter answer than this 10-year-old.


10. “Ah yes, it’s like mares!”

How beautiful it is to give life and to be compared to a farm animal. Yes that’s it.


11. My children’s reaction when I explained to them what sex was: “Have you done this 3 TIMES?”

12. My kids are adopted and said, “Well, at least you didn’t have to do THAT!”

13. Too complicated to understand

My child : “But why do people do that if it’s not to have a child?” »

Me : “Well, some people find it funny”

My child : ” Fun ? I can understand having a kid can be fun but this?? »

14. My 4 year old niece asked her mom what a sanitary napkin was and her mom explained the rules to her. The child replied “I never had my period! Mom, I’m pregnant!”

15. “I’m going to tell my kids the babies are from here”

Insured trauma

Do you prefer to tell the story of roses and cabbages or that of the big penis-in-vagina penetration? Otherwise, we can talk about the stork eh.

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