Top 15 of the best punchlines of Alexis le Rossignol, it’s funny

Alexis le Rossignol has what we call an atypical career. After starting stand-up in Mexico, where he had opened a creperie there, he took the gamble of returning to France to throw himself fully into stand-up. And it was a successful bet since he has since imposed his universe in the middle of French-speaking stand-up. Proof of this are his 2 appearances at the prestigious Montreux Comedy Festival, his weekly column in Nagui’s show on France Inter, or even the fact that he has already played… on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower! (the class)

You can also follow behind the scenes of his tour dates on his Youtube channel in his videos “Roueu Libre” and “Panier Garni”, especially during his summer dates when he travels around Brittany in a van with other comedians. A very nice concept, which we highly recommend.

So if you don’t know him yet, here are some of his best jokes available on the internet, and we don’t doubt for a single second that you’ll rush to take your tickets to see him perform right here, from the end of this top !

1. I am soft and stiff at the same time. Half soft with glasses, that’s what I am.

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2. A few years ago, I signed up for taekwondo, thinking to myself: If one day you get attacked, it’s good to know how to defend yourself. In fact, it is better to learn to run fast, and for a long time.

3. I discovered feminism a bit late, with Me Too and Balance Ton Porc […] but before I didn’t know anything about it. 4 years ago, I met a girl who said to me: “Before we go any further, I want you to know that I am a feminist”. Well, at the time, I said to him: “Well listen, it doesn’t bother me, I play tennis on Sunday mornings, you just have to do your feminism at the same time. I don’t want to interfere in your hobbies, I’m a good guy. As long as the house is well kept, there’s no problem for me”

4. One day my boss called me, he said: “Alexis, I don’t feel you are at all involved in the company, […] you’re at 38% of the objective, do you have a solution to offer? Well, I said: “Yeah, maybe we should lower the objectives”

5. In fact, my job didn’t interest me, so as a salesperson, I wasn’t crazy. It’s true that clients often said to me: “Well, we’re not interested… either!”

6. I have a friend who hesitates, he doesn’t know if he will vote for Zemmour or Jadot. It’s still quite a hesitation… Are there too many Arabs or not enough trees? We need something that mixes the 2 what: for each Arab sent back, a tree is planted!

7. People who want to become great entrepreneurs and who buy the book: “10 recipes to become a successful entrepreneur”… I don’t think a successful entrepreneur has ever bought the book “10 recipes to become an entrepreneur successful” you see.

8. Micro-enterprise is the thing that tells you: Legally, you have the right to do this activity, but we don’t really believe in it.

9. I lived in Mexico for a long time, so often my friends call me El Chicano, El Mexicano or Hijo de Puta.

10. Do you know Erasmus? It is an international program that allows foreign students fascinated by France to come and study with us. And to French students, fascinated by the party, to go to countries where life is less expensive, to drink and to have fun.

11. Juliette Armanet, the last day of disco. Well, when is the last day of disco? 8 months since she announced it and she doesn’t give the date…

12. One day, a girl I was dating said to me: “You see, I find you very well physically, you don’t have many faults, the problem is that they are all concentrated on your face” . And after to catch up, she says: “But I like you anyway”. I still like you… Do you understand this thing? It means: “Objectively, there is nothing for me to love you, but I am a simple girl you see, I like grated carrots, I like beets and you I like you when same.”

13. I loved the confinement. This time dedicated to not giving a fuck with the support of the government. It’s really there that I realized that I had a natural predisposition to the overdeveloped gland. I had friends who called me: “I don’t know what to do, I don’t do anything all day”: that’s the instruction!

14. This is an apartment facing due north. Plein Nord is what we do best with global warming, it’s what makes it possible to have cool summers.

15. I think if I wasn’t a comedian, I’d be selling honey. Because honey, I noticed, is still super easy to sell. Selling honey is putting jars of honey on a table. Wait for people to come. Tell them: “Do you want some honey?”. And they say “Yes”. You sell them honey.

To take your place to see it in person, so it’s happening right there!

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