Top 15 of the best lines of Marshall and Lily in How I Met Your Mother, the couple…

In the How I Met Your Mother series, we want to slap Ted Mosby and the way the series ends. But we love Robin, Barney and especially the best couple in the world, Lily and Marshall. And when they talk to each other or talk about one or the other, it gives very humorous and very moving moments too.

1. “You can’t aim” (Marshall)

-That’s not true! (Lily)-Lily, with us, it’s you who piss on the floor. (Marshall)

2. “I’m just saying it’s my wedding too, and I should have a say. (Marshall)

– But I’m the bride, so I win. (Lily)-I thought marriage was two equal partners sharing their lives. Marshall)-Right, but I’m the bride. So I win. (Lily)

3. “So where do you want us to do it for the first time as a married couple? Nice hotel room or reception bathroom?” (Marshall)

– In your opinion ? Toilets, of course. (Lily)

Top 15 of the best lines of marshall and lily in how i met your mother, the couple...
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4. (Talking about their wedding) “I’ve dreamed of this day since I was…” (Marshall)

– A little girl ? (Lily)

5. “Baby, I have to do something, and if I do it in front of you, it will completely change the nature of our relationship.” (Lily)

-What is that ? (Marshall)-I have to pee. (Lily)-It sucks, we spent 9 years without pissing in front of each other. (Marshall)

6. “We hate Ted from now on. You’re with me or stop sexting” (Lily)

-I hate Ted! (Marshall)

7. (Speaking to Barney) “Yes I’m scared ok? But when I think I’m going to spend the rest of my life with Lily, it doesn’t scare me at all anymore. I’m going to marry this girl” ( Marshall)

8. “You know what I’d like to do right now? I’d like to hold your hand. I’d like to hold your hand so tight you couldn’t shake hands for a week.” (Marshall)

“Are you just gonna talk about holding my hand or are you gonna hold it?” (Lily)

9. (Talking about their baby) “You’re going to love the park kid, it’s a great place to meet girls. Or guys. Or both.” (Marshall)

“We’ll love you no matter what. (Lily)

10. “Maybe we should start doing some grown-up stuff” (Lily)

– It was adult stuff what we did this morning…” (Marshall) – Yes, but it wasn’t very chic. (Lily)

11. “The Grim Reaper is approaching. I feel his icy grip around my throat, the breath of his hounds, the relentless rat-tat-tat of his scythe on my bedroom door. What about you? With your request you don’t do only hasten his inevitable triumph. Is that what you want? Is that what you want Lily?” (Marshall)

-I just asked you for bagels. (Lily)

12. “Lily doesn’t realize I’m stoned.” (Marshall)

– You’re stoned. (Lily)-Excuse me. (turns to Ted) Lily doesn’t realize I’m stoned. (Marshall)

13. “Ready for 15 minutes of playtime? (Lily)

– Sorry baby, I have to work. I need all my blood up there. (Marshall)

14. “How do you say selfish nicely?” (Lily)

– Independent. (Marshall)-Yes, that’s right, they are independent. (Lily)

15. “We should find a new last name” (Lily)

-Okay, that’s easy. Lily and Marshall Skywalker. (Marshall)-Lily and Marshall Hasselhoff. (Lily)-I know. Are you ready ? (Marshall)-Yes. (Lily)-Lily and Marshall Awesome. Do you know the geniuses? Marshall, Lily, their son Totally and their daughter Terribly? (Marshall)-I love you, Mr. Awesome. (Lily)

-I love you, Mrs. Awesome. (Marshall)

We don’t like to say that, but their couple is really the coolest in the history of humanity (after the Balkany obviously).

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