Top 15 of the best French comedies of the 90s, the beautiful era

I’m talking to you about a time that those under twenty didn’t know, and which still has a good number of French comedies that have become cults. They are on TV every year (or almost) and each time they give us immense pleasure. It was time to pay homage to them.

1. City of Fear (1994)

Get used to Chabat, you will see it sometimes in the top (4 to be exact). An obvious first place.

The killer line: “It’s not going to be possible commissioner, he’s screwed up. It’s Bestel, he put the tape on the wrong way earlier and it ruined everything. »

2. The 3 Brothers (1995)

Just behind but then really not far. Maybe to punish them for making a sequel when the first film was so perfect.

The killer line: “Nah nah you can put 3000 Francs because we’re going to add to the shit bag uh, rotten old bastard, shitty bastard in the service of the power that pisses me off… 5000 because I’m going to add BIG CON OF HEAD OF SHIT who could have vomited from… – From bidet scrapings! »

3. The Jerk’s Dinner (1998)

France has a theatrical tradition which comic cinema has always nourished. The piece was cardboard and the film also obviously.

The killer line: And now, we have the rights! Ouhlalala, and for cheap in my opinion, he worked, he walked flat out the guy”

4. The American Class (1993)

Quite simply, the best film in the history of cinema…

The killer line: “I knew a right-wing guy once, he had ten times more class”

5. Bernie (1996)

The most rock‘n’roll French comedy in history. Dupontel in its most magical, and Noir Désir in the soundtrack

The killer line: “It’s society that’s screwed up, it gives idiots uniforms so that we can recognize them. »

6. A Family Likeness (1996)

Perhaps the best of the Jaoui-Bacri duo…

The killer line: “But it’s far too luxurious for a dog!” »

7. Kitchen and Outbuildings (1992)

Perhaps the second best of the Jaoui-Bacri duo.

The killer line: “Yes, we feel that this fish comes from the sea, huh…”

8. Cursed Lawn (1995)

Perhaps the best title in the history of cinema. It seems that it was enough for Chabat to read it to know that he would do the role.

The killer line: “I’m going to fuck it up, the butter! »

9. 4 Up-and-coming Boys (1997)

A cult film par excellence, unfortunately not very well known, perhaps because its main actors did not have an incredible career afterwards. The guests (Giraud, Lhermitte, Sebastien) are all huge…

The killer line: “And we’re going to play the sow… that’s good, sow!” »

10. The Bet (1997)

Before the aliens and the Magi, the three strangers minus one, had the time to offer us this almost perfect film, some even prefer it to the three brothers.

The killer line: “No, not good, there’s the guy smoking in the mirror. »

11. The Demons of Jesus (1997)

The second most rock’n’roll film in France. Bernie Bonvoisin, singer of Trust proves that you can be a singer AND a talented director.

The killer line: “At the CIA we would be specialists in the branch to make the Portuguese burp”

12. Fat Fatigue (1993)

Michel Blanc flirts between drama and humor and slaughters once and for all his character of Jean Claude Dusse.

The killer line: “In my hands are Carole Bouquet’s breasts, I fiddle with Carole Bouquet’s breasts!” »

13. Didier (1998)

It’s the story of a dog who turns into a man and plays football… There was really only Chabat to do something good with it!

The killer line: “You know coco one day I’m going to fuck your head up your ass but I’ll let the ponytail stick out, it’ll be nice”

14. The Professional Secrets of Doctor Apfelglück (1991)

The typical example of a totally successful sketch film. An army of guests (Chabat, Farrugia, Bigard, Lamotte, Jugnot, Yanne) for a wickedly underrated film. (It’s in full on Youtube)

The killer line: “A bucket of shit! »

15. Parasites (1999)

Film which did not have a huge success but which TV and VHS broadcasts have made cult. Elie Semoun delivers his best cinematic performance.

The killer line: “Whoever you are!… Denounce yourself!!… It’s okay, it’s located uh… Intra muros… According to my calculations. »

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