Top 15 of the best French comedies of all time

Hi lovers of movies and French comedies. A few days ago we shared a great battle with you: What is the best French comedy of all time? You voted, and I looked at the final ranking. I am very disappointed, since the excellent But who killed Pamela Rose? went by the wayside, but too bad, here are the results of your votes.

1. Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra

Well it’s true that there’s no photo. We have a dream cast, amazing sets, cult phrases, jokes that make you laugh from the first viewing and others that you only pick up after the tenth. Chabat has done well, and no other Asterix comes close to it. By the way, you know him really well Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra ?

2. The City of Fear

Yes, The City of Fear is among the best in terms of absurd humor, and it’s even a shame that half the time we only talk about the Carioca when we talk about this film. Besides, if you want to revise the cult replicas of the City of Fear, we have a top for that.

3. OSS 117: Cairo, nest of spies

The first OSS 117 remains the best proof that one can manage to be funny while talking about colonialism and geo-politics. It’s easier when all the awful lines come out of the mouth of a totally dumb special agent.

The cult replicas of OSS 117, it’s here. Finally click on the link, what.

4. The Cons Dinner

One might think that it hasn’t aged well, that it was “the humor of the past”, that of our parents, and that now it’s no longer worth anything, but in fact not at all. The dinner of fools still remains as funny, in particular thanks to a scenario tied up like a play where the misunderstandings are linked very quickly. Frankly, it’s great art.

And here are the cult replicas of the Dinner of idiots.

5. Visitors

Not bad not bad, Visitors, but you still have to admit that without Valérie Lermercier, the film would have no flavor. Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh. After all, it’s still much better than its disgusting sequels and remakes.

Come on beggars, take a look at the cult replicas of the Visitors.

6. OSS 117, Rio is unresponsive

The worthy successor to the first part is still just as good, and it would have been difficult to decide between the two. Maybe the jungle scenes were a little less successful than the rest, but it’s really nitpicking.

7. Les Bronzés go skiing

Mouuuuaaaaiiiis. It’s not bad, eh, be careful, moreover if you were so numerous to vote for it it means that you like it, but isn’t this film a little more “cult” than hilarious ? That’s the question I’m asking myself right now (you can send me your insulting emails, I’ll print them out to hang them in my room).

The cult replicas of Tanned go skiingbecause there are still quite a few.

8. Untouchables

As much loved as hated (by those who don’t like good feelings and too mainstream stuff), the film with Cluzet and Omar Sy had smashed everything in its path. The Americans couldn’t resist making a remake of it, because they don’t like to watch our films, but it’s proof that this comedy has something good about it.

Here are the best replicas ofUntouchables (you don’t expect that, huh?)

9. The Big Mop

We can say what we want, De Funès is probably the funniest actor we have had on screen in France. The guy could replace an entire line with a single gesture or a single grimace. And when you add Bourvil to it in moving simpleton mode by his side, it works really well. It is not for nothing that TF1 brings out the film at the slightest opportunity and that it is still a hit.

Hop, the cult replicas of La Grande Vadrouille.

10. RRRrrrr!!!

When you put Chabat and the Robins des Bois together, you can be sure that something good will come out of it. Who remembers the time when it was released in the cinema and we all looked stupid saying “2 places for RRRrrr!!! please” at the counter?

Take a look at the best replicas of RRRrrrr!!! then go see if you really know RRRrrrr!!! (there’s a good chance not).

And those who narrowly missed the top 10

12. The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

“Rabbi Jacob, go dance! »

15. Welcome to the Ch’tis

More than 20.3 million entries, it’s not disgusting huh?

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