Top 15 of the best answers of stars to relous journalists, when the repartee pays

Stars may be stars, but they sometimes experience moments of suffering with certain journalists. Yes, yes, I assure you, he has some questions that are so stupid that you have to kick out the equally stupid person who said those words with impunity, and luckily a few stars did.

1. When Stephen Hawking was asked what his IQ was, he said “I don’t know, people who care about IQ are losers”

And BIM in your face, you dude with like 102 intelligence quotient.

On the other hand, thanks to our in-depth research, you can also take our IQ test and find out your true level of intelligence.

2. When George RR Martin is told that fans are worried that he won’t be able to finish writing The Iron Throne, he replies “That question is disrespectful, fuck everyone who speculates on my death and my health”

And he’s right. But hey, he’d still have to think about finishing the job before throwing the gun on the left, brothel.

3. When a journalist asks Quentin Tarantino “What need do you have to film so much violence?”, “Because it’s so funny”

That said, it is a recurring subject with other journalists since this question always comes up in interviews. Once upon a time, Tarantino got downright pissed off when asked about the genre of these movies: “No one asks Judd Apatow why he does comedies.” Not false.

4. On the occasion of the release of Birdman, a journalist interviews Emma Stone and compliments her on her outfit, she replies “Thank you, that was really the most important thing”

Seize the irony.

5. Scarlett Johansson gets frustrated with stupid questions asked at a press conference and says to Robert D. Junior “Why is it only you who have existential questions and me the shitty questions?”

At the same time, it’s true that the journalist just before asked a question about the maturity of Tony Stark’s character, while Scarlett Johansson asks herself a question about how she managed to fit into her Black Widow outfit.

6. When a journalist asks Keira Knightley if she manages to manage her personal life with her professional life, she answers “Are you going to ask this question to men too?”

Ah yes, I forgot to warn you, but 85% of relou questions from journalists are sexist questions.

7. In an American show, after addressing the issue of sexism, the presenter asks Hillary Clinton who her favorite designers are.

And just like Keira Knightley the best answer was “Would you ask a man that question?” “.

8. Ask an actress from Big Bang Theory if she hasn’t struggled too much with the numbers… when she is a doctoral student in neuroscience.

In these moments, you don’t even need to repartee.

9. When a reporter asks about Anne Hathaway’s special diet to play Cat Woman, she throws the question back, “Are you trying to lose weight, maybe?”

In the teeth.

Top 15 of the best answers of stars to relous journalists, when the repartee pays
Photo credits (CC BY 3.0): ONU Brasil (United Nations Brasil)Published by ONU Brasil – YouTube

10. When a journalist is inelegantly asking Lauren Conrad what her favorite position is, she answers “Director”.

Well OK then you may not know who Lauren Conrad is but she is a TV star in the States, also an actress, stylist and entrepreneur.

11. When Jennifer Lawrence is asked about her dress at the Oscars, she replies, “What do you mean? This is the top…and this is the bottom.”

Logical, what.

12. A reporter asks Megan Fox if she wishes there were more women in superhero movies, she scoffs and replies “Do you really think I would answer anything other than yes to that question? ?”

At the same time, when you ask a question it’s normal that you take a skud in full pif.

13. When a Russian journalist begins her question to Mila Kunis “I have a question to ask you about the film and sex”, it’s bad for the rest

And for good reason. Then she starts asking if Justin Timberlake is legitimate as an actor. A bit embarrassing. Suddenly Mila Kunis rebuffs her with a good “and you, what are you doing here? felt good.

14. When presenter Sam Rubin confuses Laurence Fishburne with Samuel L. Jackson, the latter replies “We may be black and famous but we don’t look alike.”


15. When a reporter asks Gordon Ramsay what’s the least hurtful insult he knows, he replies, “I don’t give a fuck.”

But then he went off to yell at two or three restaurants and things got better.

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