Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean the jokes can rest. We, after a whole week of work, need to laugh until the floors are clean. Fortunately, @zitounaille, known as Papi Churros, was kind enough to exist and protect us from the jokes of Melon and Melèche or the “Knock knock, who’s there?” jokes. ”, and we can never thank her enough for that. A real gift not inadvertently falling from a plane carrying packages.

Here is the employee of the month bonus

Little spoiled?

When the 1664 hits a little too hard

Do you know the apagnan?

Bring back your hair

He's not James Bond surrounded by beautiful blondes anyway (please have the ref)

This is quality grandmother

Friends sometimes make much better guidance counselors than those at college

So excited to be there

Oh no, I got screwed

Having a helix means giving up sleeping on your side for life

Very movie buffs, the little fleas

Each in turn

He never lets go of the Mario affair

If Seb has to be careful of Matt Pokora because Lena twerked with him, then he also has to be very, very careful of Adèle Exarchopoulos who touches his thigh!!!

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