Top 15 of Lucie Azema’s best tweets, linguistic pearls that delight

If you like linguistic curiosities and funny expressions, you’ve come to the right place. On her Twitter account, the author Lucie Azema shares little poetic or absurd anecdotes about language and its particularities.

1. Way too cute

2. Want to use it every day

3. It’s quite logical

4. The happiness we all dream of achieving

5. We could use it so much in France

6. Why an eggplant?

7. Very well represented

8. No one has ever done this

9. Poor Elephant

10. A bit gross but why not

11. Want to take refuge there

12. Anyone know where this garden is?

13. It makes you want

14. Still Happy

15. Not Too Similar

In the same vein, we also have plenty of rare words to present to you, you’ll love it.