Top 15 Normal Stuff In 2000 That Would Look Weird In 2022

In 2000, some of you might not even have been born, others were going to college or university, but regardless, a lot has changed since then. We were doing stuff that doesn’t make sense anymore or that would make us look like extremely weird people. Be careful, it might make you a little nostalgic, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to put on a baggy baggy while listening to Avril Lavigne after reading this top.

1. Print your itinerary on Mappy before hitting the road

It also worked with ViaMichelin, the competing site. At the end, we ended up with 3 pages full of directions to tell us which streets to turn in, except that we often forgot to do so for the return trip and it immediately became very boring to get home. . Thanks GPS.

2. Rewind a movie after watching it

Today, when we’ve finished watching a film, well… we’re done. We break up and then that’s it. Before, if we weren’t garbage, we rewound the VHS so that the next one could watch his film quietly. Imagine rewinding your .AVI file before giving it to your friend? Well you would pass for an idiot, yes yes.

Top 15 normal stuff in 2000 that would look weird in 2022

3. There was a lot less security at airports

The checks were done in a hurry and then we boarded in 5 minutes. Everyone was relaxed, Max (yes, you could say that too). And then there was September 11, 2001. Now, if we were allowed to pass through security so easily, we would think it suspicious and we would freak out.

4. Not having a cell phone

What kind of weirdo lives today without a cell phone? If he’s an eco-hermit who wants to have a lifestyle free of all technology, then we understand, but if he’s an average guy who just doesn’t have a phone, we call the police directly. With our cell phone, suddenly.

5. Use Yahoo as a search engine

Today, the only people who still use Yahoo as a search engine are our moms who don’t know how to put Google back as the default search engine. It’s not for lack of explaining to them every three weeks though.

6. Burn CDs to make compilations

If you didn’t have a good pile of blank DVXs next to your computer tower, you weren’t really cool. It was necessary to have a stock of it because it could always be used, especially to create small playlists to listen to in the CD player of the car (the class). And the compilations, you could bleed them hundreds of times before getting tired of them. Anyway, we didn’t have much choice because we didn’t have a lot either.

Top 15 normal stuff in 2000 that would look weird in 2022

7. Wait for a song to play on the radio to record it on your cassette

In 2000, CDs and cassettes coexisted in peace and, while we were burning CDs, we could quite watch the moment when our favorite song played on the radio to press the REC button and thus create our own homemade compilation. . Half the time the radio host would talk during the song’s intro, but we weren’t going to nitpick either.

8. Go to a Dieudonné show

In 2000, it was completely normal and even rather well seen. The guy was considered one of the funniest comedians. Today well… well you know, what.

9. Wait for headphones to become available at Fnac to listen to excerpts from the album you would like to buy

Already, today, it’s weird to want to buy an album, but in the era of Deezer, Spotify and YouTube, it’s even weirder to go and listen to extracts in stores. At some point, you have to accept that the music industry has changed.

10. Change money when you go to Germany

“But since I tell you that I want German euros! You’re still not going to bother me all day? » It is still very practical the euro.

11. Dreaming of a plan with unlimited SMS

Ah, being able to send as many messages as we wanted to our crush at the time instead of limiting ourselves to 5 or 6 a day… This dream seemed inaccessible, almost ridiculous, even. Today, if someone announces to us that they dream of an unlimited SMS package, we will be a little worried about their mental health.

12. Send New Year greeting cards

In 2000, sending and receiving a card to wish a happy new year to loved ones was completely normal (and it was the best way to scratch a little more inheritance from the grandparents). Today, even by mail it would be weird. We send a little text message or message on WhatsApp and that’s enough.

13. Page someone to call us back

Before, it was logical to do that when we no longer had a package. Today, everyone has a package, all the time. If someone has fun beeping us so that we can call him back, he can fuck his phone wherever we think. Yes we are talking about the ass.

14. Remember the phone numbers of all your loved ones

Before, it was super useful in case you had to use someone else’s phone because you didn’t have one or you no longer had a plan. Today, if you know the phone number of all your relatives, you pass for a strange psychopath.

Top 15 normal stuff in 2000 that would look weird in 2022

15. Call someone on their landline

The worst being to call on his landline while he still lives with his parents: “Hello, could I talk to Jeremy please? From Josselin, his classmate. But yes, Jojo, the one who eats his ink cartridges. There. Thank you. »

Bonus: We asked you for your opinion, and here are your answers

16. Ah yes clearly that would be weird

17. If you do this too you look like a criminal

18. The real ones know what it is, the fake ones freak out reading this

19. A knowledge that dates back 1000 years ago

20. Or are you really very nostalgic?

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