Top 15 most badly behaved people in the history of humanity, boo the naughty

So first BONCHOOURAAAAH. See how polite I am? I said hello. Well know that this kind of little attention is not given to everyone. You were recently asked what was the most rude move you have attended and your testimonials are particularly earthy.

1. “A girlfriend who tried to hide by walking past me. At least that made things better on the friendship front.”

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Earthy anecdote from Erica.

Topito’s analysis: AAAAN horrible the famous shot of “lazy to meet you” when one is a victim, it’s infamous.

2. “There was no one at the checkout at the store last week. I go to put down my heavy and full basket. A woman pushes me aside puts my basket on the side and puts her items oklm. The boss told me looked at in disbelief, we looked at each other and then he shifted his things, put on the little divider and with a big smile he said to me very loudly: “Come, miss!”

Aurore’s earthy anecdote.

Topito’s analysis: Luckily there are sensible people in this world

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3. “I get up on the bus to make way for an elderly person and a young girl who comes to sit in my place and says to the lady, “You just have to find yourself another seat.”

Truly anecdote from Noémie.

Topito’s analysis: She is beautiful young.

4. “People doing their zoom meeting with open space speakers”

Earthy anecdote by Lamiae Lal.

Topito’s analysis:Yes, we are talking about you.

Top 15 most badly behaved people in the history of

5. “After presumably sweeping, a lady threw her dust from the window of her first-floor apartment. It fell straight on the head of an old lady who was passing by, right in front of me. The previous lady looks up and started to grumble, and the other replied: “mind your butt you”

Earthy anecdote from Erwan.

Topito’s analysis: Cleaning is sometimes a hostile activity.

6. “A guy talking to me about ecology and throwing his cigarette butt on the ground.”

A colorful anecdote from Noëlline.

Topito’s analysis: He is awarded the palm.

7. “Just yesterday, a guy cutting his toenails on the subway…”

Truly anecdote from Valérie.

Topito’s analysis: There’s no bad places to bite your toes.

8. “When, in the supermarket where I worked, a man urinated against a wall on the sales floor…”

Charlotte’s earthy anecdote.

Topito’s analysis: Well yeah but you have to relieve yourself too ouaich. Have you thought about preserving his bladder?

9. “At the checkout I let a lady through with 2 or 3 items.. she took the opportunity to call her friend who had a full shopping cart!”

Caroline’s earthy anecdote.

Topito’s analysis: This kind of insolence at the supermarket just seems unbearable to me.

10. “The teenager sitting next to me on the tram pulls out his e-cigarette and a cloud of smoke flavored with je ne sais quoi that comes straight to my head”

A colorful anecdote from Laura.

Topito’s analysis: Yeah the electronics in real life you soul.

11. “Seeing guys walk up the line for a ride at Disney and, when pointed out, get insulted. And keep going.”

Earthy anecdote from Thomas.

Topito’s analysis: The best way to respond to this rudeness is to reproduce it in action. You will be insulted in turn but at least you will waste less time waiting in line.

12. “Me peeing on my shoes at the festival”

Earthy Anecdote of The Third Moon

Topito’s analysis: At the same time you have to understand, the toilets are always full of people while you drink liters of beer at 2°.

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13. “In a hot spring bath, a guy took out his razor and shaved his legs, armpits and chest in the water.”

A colorful anecdote from Stephanie.

Topito’s analysis: it would be necessary to sensitize this person to the dark diktat of the hair.

14. “In a city bus, a lady blew her nose, then looked around and finally licked her snot. I released an “aaaaaaaaah” so loud that she closed the tissue quickly”

Earthy anecdote from Pauline.

Topito’s analysis: That people lick their snot is one thing, that they do it without shame is very serious.

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Picture credits: Topito

15. “On an organized hiking trip. For two weeks a guy on a hike suddenly blew his nasal secretions loudly on the ground. He didn’t understand why he was single”

Colorful anecdote from BD Can.

Topito’s analysis: A good shot of Physiomer in the pif and it will no longer appear.

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