Top 15 Most Awkward Moments in Koh Lanta History

21 years of existence, about twenty candidates each time: inevitably, Koh Lanta offered us great moments of embarrassment. Flops so incredible that some still remain in our memories decades later… La malaisanceee.

1. Freewheeling Françoise

Season One (You Weren’t Even Born) William returns from the Ambassadors at Reunification and has to take down an Adventurer. Problem: he had agreed with Françoise for tej David, but finally turned around. Enough for Madame to freak out! “Oh yes, if I could, I would kick your ass…I WOULD KICK YOUR HURT IF I COULD” (ohhh what a beautiful figure of speech we have there!) Followed by “You’re just a dirty face! » (Ah, I didn’t know that one), “Fuck you” or “I would smack you in the face”. A veruuumant atmosphere.

Little bonus note: where do you get your guitar from in KL???

2. “Justice” according to Cumba

What makes Cumba so happy? The arrival of Clémence on the island of the banished. In addition to passing for a big embittered and resentful rager, the scene is particularly embarrassing to watch. When you are told that silence and the best of contempt… No, really, shut up.

3. Julie, master of the mooOOoonde

Season 16, Julie, a Catalan adventurer who (too) often sings the song… Can you imagine, you find yourself sleeping on an island, in the middle of nowhere, with a girl who thinks she’s a Disney princess all day? The fucking freak.

4. The place of Gégé

Let go Gege! Go on ! Yes… No… Wait… Stop… Try to… No? Ok… Too bad… Do your best, it’s already not bad!

5. The departure of Moundir

We don’t comment on it anymore, it’s a classic. But still, it’s worth the detour. Did Moundir experience the worst betrayal from his better half? Has he just learned of the death of a loved one? Is he facing an unbearably difficult drama? Well no ! He just got tej from Koh-Lanta. Queen drama.

6. The Fugo of Joseph

Joseph, not happy. He made the fire, and now he’s going to get like an old sock? NO WAY. Besides acting like a kid, getting screwed good by his mates, the dude couldn’t even really put out the flames. BAHAHAHAHAHA WELL DONE.

7. Hakim with Charnelle. Cherlene. Dear Helen?

Ah, compound first names… Charre-laine.

8. Julie Celine version

Julie, still in a Disney. Always singing. Still just as annoying. Neither will we, we won’t forget you… OUÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ

9. Sam & Teheiura dated

A moment of rare intimacy for the two adventurers (cheaters?): a little cocktail at sunset, a little popcorn, a little sleep in the hammock: the best moment of his two editions for Sam, without any doubt.

10. Sam Guiding Jade

Finally, we may prefer when he drinks cocktails.

11. Laurent and his dagger

One man, a thousand characters. One victory, a thousand interpretations: madness, the dagger dance, the lion, Michael Jackson,… WOW WOW WOW GENTLY LAURENT, that’s a lot all at once!

12. Wonder Woman

Alexandra in her (already embarrassing) portrait: “I am Wonder Woman” (all disguised as a heroine.)

Alexandra after a few hours:

(Actually, we like it Alex!)

Eastern Tribe: The Portrait of Alexandra! ?

#KohLanta East Tribe: Alexandra????? “I dream of becoming a superheroine for my daughters”Discover the other adventurers of the Eastern Tribe HERE? See you from 28/08, 9 p.m. on TF1!

Posted by Koh Lanta on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

13. Ahmad

The great statèèèèèèège. Biggest stroke of mastery: getting everyone on their backs, in record time.

14. At the noooooord it was the coroooooons

The eartheeee was the charboonnnnnn…. No, we are not in a redneck evening or in the middle of a watered karaoke, but in full council. AH! Poor Dennis.

15. Bonus: Julie, performing

Oh ! Take ! Here is a face that tells me something… JULIE? Is it you again? You… Ah, well yes… You still sing…

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