Top 15 moments when our favorite series betrayed us (be careful, we spoil badly)

There are some great shows on Netflix and elsewhere that have become our favorite shows. We like the story, we like the characters, we would like it never to end, but sometimes there are big problems. Writers or producers tend to want to turn it upside down with super sad moments in the series or unlikely couples that spoil the whole story. So unfortunate.

1. How I Met Your Mother: The Death of Tracy

We are a lot to love this sitcom and it’s normal, it’s one of the best comic series in the universe. Despite everything, we had the seum when we learned that the mother of Ted’s children, the one we had been waiting to meet for 9 seasons, had in fact been totally dead since the beginning. We had just gotten over Barney and Robin’s divorce and they suddenly broke the news?

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Gina’s Departure

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a nice and funny series that is super easy to watch, but we quickly realized that the series was downright less fun without Gina Linetti, the best character. Why, why did you continue the series without her?

3. Friends: Rachel and Joey fall in love

Years after the release of season 10 of Friends, the fleeting relationship between Joey and Rachel is still debated. It was weird, a little awkward and it didn’t really make sense but the show went on as if nothing had happened. In truth, I would have preferred that Rachel end up with Joey than with Ross the toxic and jealous jerk, but you are not ready for this debate.

4. Skins: The Death and Burial of Chris

The first two seasons of Skins are really successful and we get attached to the characters very VERY quickly. So they said logically “what if we killed the most adorable and endearing character? “. I cried all the tears in my body when Chris died and never managed to continue the show after that.

5. Euphoria: Kat is almost erased from season 2

Euphoria easily ranks at the top of the best series of recent years. It’s beautiful, it’s well written, the shots are magical and the soundtrack is captivating just right. What is unfair is that we see Kat’s character much less in season 2 and we miss her sorely.

6. Game of Thrones: Almost all of the last season

After following the story written by George RR Martin in his books for the first seasons, the production decided to rush the ending and obviously that disappointed a lot of fans. Daenerys, who swears by justice and always protects the innocent, decides to burn down the entirety of King’s Landing with her dragon, killing everyone in her path. All this for Bran to end up on the throne, a scandal.

7. Sense 8: The Cancellation of the Series

Sense 8 is a Netflix series unfortunately gone too soon and inevitably, there were many fans outraged by the cancellation of the series. A petition was even launched in 2017 to demand the renewal of the series and a final episode was released to answer all the questions that remained unresolved, but it was still very sad.

8. Gossip Girl: The Reveal of Gossip Girl’s Identity

Gossip Girl is a very fun series for teenagers, you can watch it endlessly. The problem is that we wait 6 seasons to discover Gossip Girl and the response is frankly disappointing. Dan was Gossip Girl from the start? So he deliberately ruined the lives of all his friends, his little sister, and the love of his life just to play smart? Fuck the guy.

9. Shameless: Paternity tests that don’t make sense

Shameless is an excellent series because you never get bored watching an episode, but there is still a problem from season 1. When Monica returns to Chicago to pick up Liam, we learn through paternity tests that Liam is the son of Frank’s brother. This plot twist makes no sense and this information will never be used on the show again.

10. Pretty Little Liars: Finding the Evil Twin

Pretty Little Liars is an absolutely endless teen series; the episodes are linked and we do not see the end. Some people still watched the show until the end and were left stunned when they found out that Spencer had an evil twin. Nah but anything.

11. Stranger Things: When Eleven leaves to find her “sister”

In Season 2, Eleven goes in search of her roots and remembers Kali, a girl she grew up with in Hawkins’ lab and considered her sister. The teenager will therefore go in search of Kali, meet her friends and help her kill ghosts from her past. And then finally, she goes quietly home and we will never hear from Kali again.

12. Dr. House: When we learn that Wilson has cancer

Ok, it’s at the end of the series but still, it’s disgusting. The guy spends his life trying to treat people with cancer and he ends up getting one, which is incurable. Nah frankly, it’s too easy.

13. Elite: When Omar cheats on Ander with his sister’s boyfriend

If there’s one character everyone loves in Elite, it’s Ander (how can you not love him?). When he starts going out with Omar, we are happy for him and we tell ourselves that everything is going to be fine except that it is not. Finally, Ander discovers that he has cancer and since he withdraws into himself and does not want to tell Omar, the latter thinks that it would still be fun to sleep with his sister’s boyfriend. Horrible.

14. The Office: When Steve Carrel leaves the series

The series definitively stopped at that moment, there was no point in continuing.

15. Lost: When we realized that the writers hadn’t planned the sequel at all and were writing randomly

Quite quickly, we understand that nothing has been written in advance and that the story continues completely randomly. So inevitably, it gives a series that is quite difficult to understand.

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