Top 15 memories we all have with our Nintendo DS, that was the console

If you were a teenager in the 2000s, chances are you knew the Nintendo DS, aka the best Nintendo console in the world. If you too have spent hours on it, to the point that your parents snatched it from your hands to force you to go play outside because “You’re tired of your Nintendo”, this top should speak to you. Have a box of tissues handy before you start, because you never know, reviving such memories can be trying.

2. Crying blood when your R4 crashed

It was the risk to take if you didn’t want to sell your soul to have more than Mario Kart and New Mario Super Bros. A dangerous game, but a fun game.

3. Trying to play with his big finger after losing his stylus

A technique that has never borne fruit, let it be said.

4. Repeat “Gipsy” 300 times on Nintendogs

Fucking stupid dog who didn’t understand when he was told “ASSIIIIIIS” but who always wanted to go for a walk for 3 hours.

5. Be jealous of your cousin who received a Nintendo DS XL for Christmas

Anyway, it was always your grandparents’ favorite. We’ll see who gets the DS XL when it falls down the cellar stairs…

6. Being disgusted at being 42 at Dr. Kawashima’s brain training

It was always the exercise of words in color that planted you, always. However, you should have had a stupid note after having written on your hand all the words of the memorization game.

7. Have 15 Léa Passion

But play only at Léa Passion veterinarian. Did you know that there was a Léa Passion store manager? Looking forward to the release of Léa Passion creator of NFT.

8. Do bullshit lookalike tests with your buddies using the DSi camera

And give his best acting on the themed photos (in particular “Just bumped your little toe against a piece of furniture”).

9. Screaming to death after forgetting to save in Animal Crossing and seeing Resetti come and lecture us for 30 minutes

If you too have since hated moles, you can register in the comments to CATCHAB, the Anti-Mole Club, These Horrible Biblical Animals. 25 cents membership.

10. Play Mario Kart online with your friends using a single cartridge

We had the future in our hands at that time.

11. Asking your father for help because you couldn’t move forward in Zelda

To be proud to have such a smart guy as a sire. Then cry when he discovers the “Soluce Zelda” tab on his computer.

12. Be super proud of solving Professor Layton’s puzzles

HPI self-diagnoses should clearly be based on these puzzles. Infallible.

13. Fighting with his sister with whom we shared the DS because she had played 15 minutes more than us

An indescribable moment of sharing that only children will never be able to know, poor of them.

14. Change the date of your Nintendo to try to troll certain games

Yes, I may have already advanced my Nintendo several years to earn max bells in Animal Crossing, at the cost of my land full of weeds.

15. Pretending to sleep while his game music continued to play under the duvet

Obviously, your scheme was never discovered. Never…

By nostalgia, we also found you the best tweets on the Nintendo DS, which do not fail to remind us how much we miss this little marvel. A real goddess mdrrr (you have it ???).