Top 15 Mandela Effects

The Mandela Effect is a false belief or false memory shared by a number of people around the world. One day, a paranormal specialist realized that she shared with a lot of people the certainty that Mandela had died in prison, even though he had not died in prison at all. She drew a concept from it: the Mandela effect, which actually corresponds to a false collective memory. In France, the effect is often used by conspiracy theorists to denounce the supposed distortion of reality operated by the authorities; more likely, it is an erroneous word-of-mouth principle on a global scale that is at work.

1. C-3PO is not fully golden

In fact, he has a silver leg. Yes Yes. promised. All the way. You can check.

2. Hannibal doesn’t say “Hello Clarice” to Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs

Nor “Hello Clarice”. Neither in VO nor in VF. He says “hello”. “Good morning”. And that’s all. At the end, when they talk on the phone, he doesn’t say “Hello Clarice” either, but “Well Clarice”. Voila voila.

3. The guy in Tiananmen Square didn’t get run over by the tank at all

Even if we have the vague impression that we saw the guy die live, as we saw the execution of the Ceausescu couple or the strikes of the first Gulf War. But no. The guy was just taken out of there manu militari and basta.

4. The witch does not say “Mirror, mirror my beautiful mirror” at all.

“Magic mirror on the wall, who has perfect and pure beauty? Where does this mirror-mirror thing come from? Mystery. The villain of Snow White never says that.

5. The Crazy Story of the Movie That Never Was and Nobody Saw

An essentially American phenomenon but quite crazy. They are hundreds, if not thousands, to have seen a film as children, shazaam, with in the main role the comic Sinbad in the role of a genius. They are sure of it; they remember the poster, they remember whole sentences, their memories overlap, no doubt. Except that the film never existed: there is no trace of it and the actor in question confirmed it. He never acted in this film since there was never a film. We think of a confusion with Kaazam, a crap with Shaquil O’Neal.

6. There is no dash between Kit and Kat in Kit Kats

Afterwards, it’s always nice to put punctuation, but it’s a mistake.

7. Mario never said “MEXICO!”

I checked, I’m not the only crazy person to have been convinced that Mario kept talking about his vacation in Cancun. In reality, it’s the conjunction of three things: the fake Italian accent of the guy who doubles him, the fact that he says Let’seeeee go! and the poor level of English of the small children. As a result, my life is falling apart.

8. No, Pikachu’s tail doesn’t have a little black spot.

Nononononononon. It is yellow with a tiny bit of brown at the base. Entirely. Uniquely. Only. What yellow. Yellow. Always.

9. 1984 did not appear in 1948

Everyone is sure: 84 is 48 upside down, it’s a trick, a metaphor. Not far, eh, but the book dates from June 49. And is not called 1994.

10. Queens song “We are the Champions” doesn’t end with “of the world”

So maybe you already knew that and we congratulate you! That said, many believed him and still believe him. While not. It’s wrong.

11. The little monkey in the cartoon “Curious George” didn’t have a tail.

Which is pretty amazing for a monkey, and yet no, not the slightest tail (no pun intended).

12. It’s “Sex and the city” and not “sex in the city”

Yet the 4 heroines of the series had sex IN the city but no, it’s sex AND city. The confusion was so widespread that an eau de parfum was called “Sex in the city”. The loose.

13. Forest Gump doesn’t say “Life is like a box of chocolates” but “Life was like a box of chocolates.”

So yes it may seem anecdotal because there is a difference of only one word but which creates a time difference between the past and the present. But I think it is important to differentiate between the two. Forest Gump is still a great film, the best film according to AlloCiné.

14. Gandalf does not say “run, you fools” but “fly, you fools”

Even in the French version it does not say “run” but “fuyez, poor fools”. Do not hesitate to offer a t-shirt or it is written on it to remind you, it makes a great Lord of the Rings gift for someone who is not a fan.

15. There was a president between Sarkozy and Emmanuel Macron

Everyone has forgotten it in a collective hallucination, but it’s proven: François Hollande was indeed President of the Republic. No kidding.

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