Top 15 inedible things we love to eat (the weird guilty pleasures)

There are things that we can eat and that we didn’t know, annoying things when we eat and today we decided to answer another question: what are the inedible things that we like to eat when same ? And to answer it, we gathered the whole Topito team for three weeks in a cave, a moment that united us all but also changed us forever. We also called you on Twitter and on Facebook to get your answers, so you can’t just accuse us of being gross, you’re in on it.

1. Pen caps

Everyone likes to chew on their pen cap as if it were a bonbec, it’s been like that since the dawn of time. Traces of chewed pen caps have been found in Ancient Mesopotamia, that is to say.

How to sublimate this new food? In a salad with corn and lots of oil, to swallow it more easily.

Top 15 inedible things we love to eat the weird
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2. Cleopatra glue

So personally I’ve never tasted it, but many of you voted for this product, so now I want to test it on a blini or toast to see if it’s really good.

How to sublimate this new food? By adding small shavings of sharpened colored pencils to it, it adds some crunch, I’ve been told.

3. Toothpicks

It’s quite interesting to know that people eat toothpicks when the object is basically to remove the stuff that is stuck in it, not to add more. There was also a boom in the consumption of toothpicks after the release of the film. Drivebecause people thought it was classy.

How to sublimate this new food? By eating it a little moist, so that it is more tender.

4. Garment Drawstrings

The cords of coats, raincoats, hoodies or that kind of thing is really the best thing, it’s a bit bland but when there’s the little plastic piece that surrounds the end there it’s star dish.

How to sublimate this new food? I recommend soaking it in strawberry juice to get a subtle aroma, a little taste of coming back to it as they say.

5. Erasers

Whether they are at the end of the pencils or in large blocks, eating gum seems to please you since you voted en masse. I admit that in my early school years I probably ate pink and blue gum until I vomited.

How to sublimate this new food? In the oven for two hours over low heat, a good roast of pepper sauce gum is coolmax.

6. Cardboard straws

Who would have thought that after the ban on plastic straws, good cardboard straws would become the new trendy snack on Parisian terraces? Nobody, because it was really unpredictable in fact.

How to sublimate this new food? You can dip it in chocolate spread or strawberry confiote, it’s a change from pancakes.

7. Sweater sleeves

What would a real breakfast be without a good sweater sleeve? A very sad thing I can tell you. Yet this tasty dish is not recommended by the cereal lobby if you look closely, and we can imagine why: it doesn’t bring them any money.

How to sublimate this new food? A sleeve can be eaten a maximum of two days after the last wash of the sweater, otherwise it starts to taste bad, we don’t recommend it.

8. Playdough

So don’t abuse it, already because in fact it’s not edible (even if some models are now) but especially because it’s super salty. But in small doses it works well.

How to sublimate this new food? In a vegetable planter, you replace the peas with small balls of modeling clay and it comes out.

Top 15 inedible things we love to eat the weird
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9. Lip balm

Eating his lip balm stick is an unconditional for a good part of you. I obviously join you because it’s way too good, especially when there’s a special flavor.

How to sublimate this new food? By dipping it in chocolate powder. Don’t thank me and flaming it with a blowtorch.

10. Raw bacon bits

Well I admit that there, on the other hand, you lost me, the raw bacon bits? Really ? Already it does not look really digestible, but in addition it is really not appetizing. You disgust me. And it’s someone who eats his sweater cord after three days who says that.

How to sublimate this new food? Bah by cooking it to the limit, otherwise I don’t see the point.

11. Industrial sausage skin

If you eat farmhouse sausage from a real artisan sausage maker, you’re going to eat gut and that’s up to you. On the other hand, if you favor industrial sausage, and you eat the skin well, it will be a mixture of strange things, and on this account you might as well eat plastic directly.

How to sublimate this new food? Remove the sausage directly and keep only the skin, that’s the best.

12. Grass

You are there, lying in the grass contemplating a sunset while listening to nature and the laughter of children playing in the distance, and presto you eat a few small blades of grass, because once again you have forgotten to have a sandwich.

How to sublimate this new food? In omelets it goes really well when you have no more aromatic herbs. Well there’s no aromas but it’s grass, it ticks one box out of two already.

13. Raw pasta

Those who eat raw pie dough you have a special place in my heart and I really want to roll in puff pastry with you. There are also lovers of pizza dough or cake dough (like cookies or cakes).

How to sublimate this new food? By leaving it as it is, do not cook it, it is less good.

14. Paper

Some go to the essentials, it eats up A4 sheets and double copies in French lessons to pass the time. Never understood the interest but I have already seen it done, and since you voted for it, I add it to this top without much conviction.

How to sublimate this new food? It seems that by using two sheets of paper to replace the bread in a croque monsieur you get something really incredible. And it also seems that if you fold a croque monsieur 44 times you get the distance from Earth to Thomas Pesquet.

15. Windscreen wipers

I don’t know about you, but me when I see a car I just want to eat its windshield wipers to the core, it’s my little indulgence. Everyone has their own thing, don’t judge.

How to sublimate this new food? When there’s the windshield washer fluid there, it’s even better.

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