Top 15 inappropriate messages sent by professionals

You know, in the world of work, there are rules, and one of the most important of them is to remain pro in all circumstances. In other words, we remain courteous, we avoid pouring out our personal life, and, above all, we don’t come to the office in our underwear (but that rarely happens, to tell the truth). However, some professionals fall into these pitfalls when they send “pro” messages, and it’s stupid, sometimes funny, and often very very creepy.

1. The delivery guy had a stroke

_ They’re out of tomatoes, do you still want the same sandwich?

_ Yes I am fine, thank you


_ Everything is fine ?

_ Yes sorry

2. Things are not going well for the teacher

” Hi there,

Unfortunately, I have to postpone the exam, and I’m going to have to cancel Thursday’s class. Against my will, I was shot and I’m in the emergency room. I also have the Covid and my divorce is going badly. […] If I’m alive, your exams will be moved to Monday in 8.”

3. Scary

“A little over a year ago I received this private message. Every day since then I have lived in fear. »

The message, from Ikea: “Meatball”

4. Close to being a serial killer

The maintenance guy in my latest appearance:

“Hello girl, how are you?

_ I’m fine. Are you going to tell me that you have to come into my apartment?

_ Yes just to see you, I miss you

_ Oh lol

_ Yeah, can I come in?

_ No sir

_ Because I’m here xD I enter

_ Nope

_ I just opened

_ I’ll call the police

_ I’m in the apartment next door, stop freaking out. I got you! I hope everything is okay “

5. The owner with nerve

“Please don’t cook a big meal in the kitchen because the smoke detector has gone off several times. The kitchen is just for eating and reheating food. It does not offer the ability to cook for everyone. Just try to use it in a smart way. Basically it’s just a place to eat, not to cook real big meals like you do at home. Thanks “

6. It seems to have stuck in his throat

“When my pharmacist violated my privacy and added me on social media when I hadn’t given him any personal information and now he is victimizing himself:

“Hey. I apologize for adding you on Facebook. I couldn’t get your name out of my head after seeing you so I looked on Facebook. Your call got me fired. Sorry for the inconvenience I caused you. My children and family also apologize for the inconvenience. Now I no longer have a job and my children and my family will have to pay the price. So sorry that my addition on Facebook caused you such a problem. »

7. Scary

“Hey, is that good xxx?

_ You are ?

_ In fact if you don’t mind I would like to tell you honestly that you haven’t seen me but I have. And I really like you because you’re very beautiful. If you don’t mind and if you’re single we could become friends and then get to know each other.

_ Amin, is that you?

_ No, it’s not a joke or a prank, I’m telling you the truth, you don’t know me. But I would like to be with you if possible. You are single ?

_ But who the hell are you? How did you get my number?

_ First please tell me if you’re single or not otherwise all this has no interest. If you’re in a relationship I’ll leave you that’s why I’m just asking don’t worry please.

_ The thing is that you got my phone number, how did you get it?

_ I’ll tell you everything, but first can you tell me if you’re single or not? I will tell you everything honestly. Are you going to tell me something please?

*Eventually discovers that it was the number of the Uber driver who brought her back from the restaurant*

_XXXXX? You’re violating Uber’s policies by contacting a customer with their phone number. I will report you.

_ Please don’t do that, I won’t contact you again. In fact honestly I was very attracted to you.

_ I’m with my boyfriend and no thanks you’re creepy to do something like that. Goodbye. »

8. He’s still funny

“I sent a photo of the stain in my apartment to my landlord and he sent it back to me as Elton John”

9. Answer: Yes, it’s scary

“My friend asked me if this message from her 53-year-old owner was scary”

The message in question, sent after he changed her microwave:

“Oh by the way, I took a picture of you on the fridge. Hope you don’t mind. It was such a good photo, I couldn’t resist ;)”

10. The little comment that makes you happy

“Your order has been placed. Please refer to the photo your courier took to see where it was left.

The photo makes you a big ass lol”

11. Your father is a thief…

“I am the Uber driver. But actually I just want to look at your eyes tonight. »

In addition to being indiscreet and creepy, he uses lame pick-up lines…

12. What if he was telling the truth ????

Conversation with an Uber driver:

” I am on my way

_ Cool, call ********** to find her

_ Michael Jackson is alive. »

13. Uh okay

My Uber driver wrote me this:

“You remind me of a star…”

14. And now for Uber Eats:

“I just licked your pizza 🙂

_ Lick ??? »

15. But why are people so weird?

My delivery man sent me this, should I be worried?

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Yum Yum Yum “

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