Top 15 horrible situations for introverts, let’s spare them a little

To be introverted in a world of extroverts is to suffer a lot. Because we introverts find ourselves in situations that make us extremely uncomfortable all the time. Situations with lots of people. Without any access to loneliness. Without being able to recharge the batteries. But since we know that you extroverts don’t understand a thing, we’re going to list some absolutely nightmarish situations for introverts. You can spare us a little in the future.

2. When you have to attend an evening where we network

Making the effort to talk to lots of people and sympathize to recover their contacts, for an introvert, is the equivalent of running 3 marathons in a row. After an ordeal like this, you need at least a week of solitude to recover.

3. When you spent 1 week of vacation with your friends, you come home on Sunday evening and you have to continue with work on Monday

An introvert needs to recharge their social batteries. After hanging out with people, no matter how cool they are, he needs some solo time to recuperate. Suddenly, leaving his friends to find his colleagues right after, it’s the psychological equivalent of driving nails in the thighs.

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4. Being chosen from the crowd at a show to go on stage

What’s worse is that it’s the kind of thing you can’t refuse, otherwise you’ll come across as “the big sucker who can’t relax”. So, if it falls on you, you just have to take it on yourself and suffer for the next 10 minutes.

5. When you have to go to a big family reunion

Seeing all your cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents who will ask you what you’ve become (while you’re not becoming much) is one of your definitions of the first circle of hell.

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6. When your parents have guests you don’t know

You stay cloistered in your room for fear of meeting them downstairs, but suddenly you can’t go downstairs to eat, drink or go pee. You are a prisoner until they finally break out of your house.

7. When you’re in class and the teacher says “pair up”

Between the dread of having to go ask others if they want to pair up with you, and the anxiety of finding yourself alone without anyone, you find yourself totally blocked. Rolling into a ball in a corner to cry would do you good, but you don’t have the right. It seems that it is not done too much in society.

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8. When we throw a big round of presentations

“To you Jérôme, introduce yourself, tell us about your background, then describe your vision of life for about twenty minutes while we all stare at you with wide eyes. »


9. When you meet a colleague you don’t know well in transport

Let’s go for 15-20 minutes to have to feed a boring conversation as you can by addressing all the subjects that go through your head (= none). Can’t we just pretend we haven’t seen each other and continue to listen to our music quietly?

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10. When you are dragged to the after party

Hey oh, I just spent 6 hours in the evening with you, and now I just want to go back to my bed to take a breather. Please leave me alone.

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11. When you get a phone call

Even if it’s a friend on the line, you don’t want to answer the phone and you try to dodge, but it’s not always possible. And when it’s no longer possible to dodge, you have to spend an endless hour talking while pacing in your living room. Why can’t you stop walking when you’re on the phone anyway?

12. When you’re in a group and people ask you why you’re so quiet

Maybe because I didn’t want to talk, precisely?

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13. When you’re with your good friends and a stranger comes over to hang out with you.

The worst part is that you end up resenting your friends who find him cool and get on well with him. You, you just want to shout at him “But break up, I don’t know you in fact. » But that is not happening.

14. When you think you’re going home to enjoy your apartment on your own but your roommate is there

You like him, huh, your roommate, but this was YOUR moment for YOU. Fuck it.

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15. When goodbyes drag on

You had a good dinner, but when your guests have to leave, they stay for 3 hours in your hallway, their jackets on their backs, talking to you. It’s not that you want them to break, but… but they do. There, you just need to be alone and breathe.

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