Top 15 Funny Tweets About Leonardo DiCaprio’s Love Life

I don’t know if you are aware but YOUHOU Leonardo DiCaprio is single again. Well, on the other hand, if you are over 25, it’s a bad idea because the curse has struck again on this beautiful age when its companions reach it. And it makes people laugh.

1. It’s all about perspective

“Everyone imagines that he is the one breaking up with these 25-year-old women. What really happens is when women’s brains finish developing, they realize they don’t want to be with leonardo dicaprio. »

2. In the end there will only be one left

“White smoke billowed from North Hollywood High School signaling that Leonardo Dicaprio had chosen a new girlfriend”

3. Easy expiration

“The movie Titanic is going to be 25 years old, so I guess Leonardo DiCaprio won’t want to be in it anymore”

4. A definitively impossible love

Kate Winslet: Jack, there’s room for two.

Leonardo DiCaprio: (steps out of the door) Yeah, I’ll pass. (Drowns in the ocean) Happy 25th birthday… Rose…

5. Leonardo DiCaprio on his next date

6. But what does Columbo do?

“I would like to understand how Leonardo DiCaprio manages his breakups. Does he start making arguments 5 months before they celebrate their 25th birthday to look less suspicious? Do they wake up on their 25th birthday with a note that says “sorry I can’t anymore, don’t hate me”. Can someone investigate?

7. We must stop with prejudices

“Maybe leonardo dicaprio hates 9/11 so much he just can’t date a woman who remembers it. Have you thought about that? »

8. Minister of ecology and dick this guy actually

“Leonardo Dicaprio is currently dating everyone under 25 to spread the word about global warming to those who will be impacted by it”

9. “Leo DiCaprio loves nature except what it does to women”

10. Leonardo DiCaprio when his girlfriends are 25

11. A Generous Man

“Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio feels bad for all the women who can’t rent cars for 25 years and he’s actually a nice guy. Did you think about that? »

12. It fucks the female dog

“The idea of ​​Leonardo Dicaprio starting to date girls born in the 2000s is terrifying”

13. “Hey shit, here we go again”


Three essential things in life:

– The death

– Taxes

– Leonardo DiCaprio breaking up with his girlfriend before his pre-frontal cortex was fully developed.

15. Leonardo DiCaprio on his girlfriend’s 25th birthday

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