Top 15 funny pillow tweets, good night little ones

By reading these lines, you surely have your head well wedged in your pillow, which I hope is soft. Know that you still owe him a big debt, because he’s been your mainstay for years and I’m sure you’ve never said thank you. Result, we did it for you with this selection of tweets, each more pissing than the other (but please don’t piss on your pillow).

1. And wow

2. Never read anything so cute

3. We don’t see at all what she means…

4. And how do you say “feeling of satisfaction by turning your pillow on the cold side in summer”?

5. We don’t know if it’s a dream or a nightmare

6. Remind us never to sleep with you

7. All driven by the same hatred of the heat wave

8. “Every time I book an early flight, I tell myself that 8 am is not too early, that I can do it and each time, I find myself sobbing into my pillow at 5:30 am because I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than get out of bed”

10. Convenient for karaoke

11. We See You

12. I’m at the pet store and I’m freaking out over this hamster who uses his own balls as a pillow.

13. A breadcrumb >>> a tooth

14. When a book’s love story is so good you’re like “Wait” *shouts into the pillow* “Okay next page”

15. Maybe it’s just as comfortable

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