Top 15 Funniest Reviews Found on Airbnb

On Airbnb, in order not to have any unpleasant surprises with the renters or the tenants, there is a comment system that everyone can leave after a rental. If generally the comments are banal and courteous, from time to time there are some original nuggets. Absurd, ridiculous or comical opinions that did not fail to make us smile from the mouth.

2. He specifies just below that he was just working, don’t worry

3. We feel that the guy had a favorite in the couple

4. It must be a typo

5. At worst he can always convert

6. When you’re way too awesome

Chinh, who posted the tweet, explains that she received this comment:

“Chinh is an inspiring person, and I have no problem recommending her as guest. She’s the type of guest that you would love to see stay with you as it is full of fascinating ideas and knowledge. She was self-sufficient and I would love to welcome her back to my home again in the future. »

Except that Chinh adds that she never spoke to this host.

7. It’s the equivalent of “he’s nice” when someone asks you if you like a guy.

9. It’s sad but funny

“My boyfriend and I had a fight so we didn’t come to this accommodation in the end. He dumped me a week later. I’m leaving this review only because Airbnb keeps asking me. I’m sure the place is lovely. »

10. Ah, sure, seen like that…

Guest : “Nice and clean apartment, well located, but difficult to relax or have privacy because the bedroom is not separated from the living room by a door, and the host is almost all the time in the house and he sleeps in the living room. The host is nice, but he makes some weird remarks from time to time. »

Host Response “Hi Joseph. Thanks for the review you left. You can have as much difficulty as you want to relax. You slept in my bathroom on the last day when I was trying to sleep. Of course, I don’t like it and acted “weird”. Don’t blame me for that. My apartment isn’t a sexdrome. Other than that, you were cool and it was a pleasure to meet you. »

12. Come on Wendy, we’re making an effort on French

13. Ben closes the window, right?

14. Ah, it’s these new technologies that make it possible to translate everything

15. Really too nice the Bretons but why is it always about alcohol with you?

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