Top 15 funniest pearls heard by a train driver

On Twitter, BB27000, a train conductor, has decided to reveal his best anecdotes to the world. And what we can say is that he came across some serious cases of clients or situations that could be described as comical. Read his tweets, and you’ll see that being a train driver isn’t always about the daily grind. You can always try to find me to piss me off after this joke but know that I went to Guatemala and I changed sex.

1. Come on, it’s not far from Pontoise

2. Little grannies are the best

3. It’s vicious, but we understand

4. It has the merit of being honest

6. My mother always did it to me when we passed under the anti-caravan barriers

7. Legend has it that she asked where the belt was when she sat down.

9. Experience is good too

10. It’s free but still feels good

11. We could make a double-decker RER too

12. The real suspicious thing is the fries in the potato packet.

13. A little privacy please

14. Little reminder: you don’t rape anyone, even when the person asks for it

15. Another Vision of Hell

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