Top 15 Funniest Airbnb Abuse Tweets

Airbnb has changed. Before, it was revolutionary and much better than hotels (especially for the price). Today, it’s no longer the same delirium: airbnb hosts abuse, the rules are re-leased, the prices are no longer so advantageous, and we say to ourselves that in the end the hotels were not so bad. Look at all these people who complain about it with humor and irony on Twitter.


“I’m done with Airbnb mdr these motherfuckers now have curfews, quiet hours and chore lists. I will go to the HOTEL. »


“Once a lady from AirBnB asked me to keep an eye on her cat, and if I saw him, to catch him and bring him back to the house where I was probably going to keep him for the rest of my life. stay. Ma’am, I’m not here on a capture and rescue mission, I’m on a business trip. »


“I had never used Airbnb before, so I thought it was booked as a hotel room. I didn’t know we were supposed to do an interview with the owner where we had to explain everything we did, which forced me to explain to Sandra, 45, what Magic cards are.”


Airbnb 5 years ago: “Here is a list of restaurants and activities nearby that we recommend! »

Airbnb now: “Here is a list of tasks and rules. If you don’t, we’ll charge you $500. In addition to the $100 cleaning fee, we will still charge you. »


“The last time I stayed in an AirBnB (2015), the owners asked me to stop walking around the apartment between 10am and 10pm because the neighbors downstairs didn’t like the sound of footsteps, even barefoot. Now this is hotel ONLY for me. »


“I once chose an Airbnb partially for the pool in the photos, but when I arrived it was empty. I re-read the ad and it just said you could laze by the pool and didn’t technically claim you could use it. »


“Airbnb host: 4 beds

The beds: a queen bed, a sofa bed, an air mattress and a bunk bed”


“Airbnb will tell you it’s 150 a night and you checkout for 2 nights it’s $1987”


“Airbnb hosts are like:

When you arrive at the house, go up the first outside staircase leading to the secret door. Open the door. Inside will be my roommate with a riddle. Once solved, he will give you the key. There are 7 possible doors that the key can open, the choice is yours. »


“Hotels are COOL. There’s room service, bars, drinks by the pool, a concierge, and no chores. Airbnb is just babysitting for someone you don’t know and you have to pay for it. »


“Absolutely no noise after 4pm and there will be a charge for excessive use of paper towels. We hope you enjoy our home! »


“AirBnB is like:



(Cleaning fee $1,600. But be sure to dust, vacuum, take out trash, wash linens/bedding, steam clean carpets, reapply exterior painting and installing new appliances)”


“An AirBnB accused me of stealing a laptop from her house. It’s offensive for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she accused me of stealing a Dell. »


“And then they say you have to be out at 10 o’clock sharp as if you don’t have to do the full cleaning before you leave.” »


“$100/day charge for heated pool, and he texted us multiple times each day asking us not to overheat the pool”

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