Top 15 first names that objectively deserve to come back into fashion

As you know, the law of first names obeys fashions, which themselves obey incomprehensible tricks, which means that one day you get up and realize that you are the fourteenth Mathilde in your class. Out of twenty students, that sucks. In order to avoid always staying on the same first names such as Matthieu, Marine, Clémence and Quentin, we suggest that you see some original first names which have not yet returned to fashion, those which must be reserved directly for your future horrors children.

1. Stephane

Her personality : Kind, bright, sensitive. Likes forest walks and verandas.

His totem animal: The Burmese beaver.

His precious stone:The topaz, symbol of the municipal elections.

2. Mark

Her personality : Funny, friendly and party animal. Appreciates barbecues and table salt shakers.

His totem animal: The North American nutria.

His precious stone:The opal, symbol of water slides.

3. Philomene

Her personality : Loud and energetic, but very endearing. Likes trapeze and triangles (the geometric shape, not the instrument).

His totem animal: The Lavandou koala (very rare but noble animal).

His precious stone:Aventurine, symbol of good intestinal transit.

Top 15 first names that objectively deserve to come back into fashion

4. Bruno

Her personality : Tough but fair, occasionally sarcastic. Has an unlimited passion for rattan trivets and geraniums.

His totem animal: Guadeloupe guinea fowl, tasty and friendly.

His precious stone:Carnelian, symbol of shower curtains.

5. Athena

Her personality : Impartial and incorruptible. Love the smell of mowed grass and mouse pads.

His totem animal: The Norwegian woolly buffalo, known for its anti-itch properties.

His precious stone:Garnet, the symbol of tobacco bars.

6. Alan

Her personality : Reckless, adventurous but angry. Eats his fingernails and is afraid of glove boxes.

His totem animal: The Beauval zoo elephant.

His precious stone:Onyx, symbol of shining pebbles.

Top 15 first names that objectively deserve to come back into fashion

7. Sandrine

Her personality : Authoritative and intelligent, calm but knows how to relax on occasion. Like fruit juice and road signs.

His totem animal: Canned tuna.

His precious stone:Mother-of-pearl, symbol of mother-of-pearl things.

8. Pollux

Her personality : Friendly, simple and benevolent, Pollux loves convertible cars and contact lenses.

His totem animal: Burgundy pheasant, strong in the mouth and very racist.

His precious stone:Amethyst, symbol of melting ice cubes.

9. Odette

Her personality : Particularly hateful and mean, but it’s a pretty name. Likes to torture cats and madeleines.

His totem animal: The Galápagos tortoise.

His precious stone:Pyrite, symbol of ventriloquism.

Top 15 first names that objectively deserve to come back into fashion

10. Balthazar

Her personality : A little royalist and soup with milk, big tendency to direct people. Likes dairy products and golf cars.

His totem animal: The great wolf of Gascony.

His precious stone:Peridot, symbol of après-ski.

11. Aimee

Her personality : Adorable, kind and funny, but sometimes comes out with completely inappropriate stuff. Likes mimolette and stables.

His totem animal: A chair. She hates animals.

His precious stone:The black diamond, symbol of the sewer workers.

12. Hannibal

Her personality : Cold, calculating, a bit creepy but very cultured. Likes (clean) sinks and cotton swabs.

His totem animal: The penguin of the Ardennes.

His precious stone:Rose quartz, the symbol of minitel keyboards.

Top 15 first names that objectively deserve to come back into fashion

13. Susan

Her personality : She makes pancakes and she does them well. She loves Zumba and metal racks.

His totem animal: The Provençal chipmunk.

His precious stone:The gnocchi, yes, that gnocchi there.

14. Clodomir

Her personality : A little trickster, a little hustler, but endearing. He likes making profit and the rules of the road.

His totem animal: The South Seas Water Dragon.

His precious stone:The metal he can even merge with to become Clodometal.

15. Sidonie

Her personality : Intelligent and admirable, true sense of leadership and friendship. On the other hand, she likes crepe paper creations and wind turbines.

His totem animal: The New Caledonian alligator.

His precious stone:The fossilized cigarette butt, a symbol of friendship between humans and canines.

Top 15 first names that objectively deserve to come back into fashion

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