Top 15 favorite sentences of conspirators, who benefits from the crime?

Some time ago, we wrote the sentences of bar pillars, these nice people a little drunk who feel better at the counter than at home. We have noticed that the bar pillar is often a conspirator but that the conspirator is not necessarily a bar pillar. Truth be told, the conspirator can be anyone. Especially right now. And especially on Facebook. We recognize the adept of conspiracy theories by their favorite phrases and we have selected the best ones for you.

Top 15 favorite sentences of conspirators, who benefits from the crime?

1. Truth is inconvenient

The conspirator feels oppressed in his quest for truth and shouts “And freedom of expression then? » when he is reproached for his questionable remarks.

2. We wonder who benefits from the crime…

The plotter likes to think that the misfortune of some always makes the happiness of others. Always. It is also surely Cyril Hanouna who created the covid and predicted confinement so that people spend more time in front of his show.

3. Wake up sheep!

The conspirator lives outside the matrix and would like us to finally choose this red pill to fight the forces of evil with him. If you’re a sheep, well just stop.

4. Ah because you still trust politicians?

The conspirator no longer trusts anything or anyone and it’s certainly not the television that will make him change his mind.

Top 15 favorite sentences of conspirators, who benefits from the crime?

5. Coincidence? I do not believe.

The plotter does not believe in coincidences; you would have understood it.

6. Come on, go back and watch BFM

The conspirator despises people who watch the news but does not hesitate to relay articles with enticing titles without reading them.

7. All the info is on YouTube

The plotter knows things that we don’t know but it is not his role to reveal this information to us. Fortunately, the videos of Kev92Skills are there to show us that by folding an American banknote, we see the twin towers collapsing.

8. You make me laugh with your mask there, ridiculous…

The conspirator does not believe in the existence of the covid since no one is sick in his entourage. The mask prevents him from breathing properly and is an obstacle to his freedom.

Top 15 favorite sentences of conspirators, who benefits from the crime?

9. Stay in your care bear world

The conspirator despises your beliefs and thinks he’s Morpheus.

10. Media is all the same…

The conspirator likes to denounce but he especially likes rotten puns.

11. Do your research

The conspirator is always right but does not really like to provide evidence for what he is saying. He prefers to suggest that you find reliable sources yourself.

12. Come to your place? Well no, you have a Linky meter.

The conspirator refuses connected meters for fear that the government will spy on him, but does not hesitate to activate geolocation on his phone, because it is still more practical.

13. We are not told everything

Just like the bar pillar, the conspirator does not know that this sentence has become an Anne Roumanoff gimmick, and he has no shame in repeating this same sentence over and over again, which does not mean much.

14. Have you ever heard of the Illuminati?

The plotter knows that the illuminati are hiding among us and even has a non-exhaustive list of celebrities who are in on it. He suspects in particular Vincent Dedienne and Roselyne Bachelot.

15. Cats will rule the world

The conspirator sometimes gets a little confused between all the theories. When in doubt, he believes in it thoroughly.

Top 15 favorite sentences of conspirators, who benefits from the crime?
Picture credits: Topito

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