Top 15 false advice to give to a tourist in Paris, THEY WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH

We Parisians are known to be real crap with tourists (foreign tourists, or French tourists, which is the same thing for a Parisian). Although we happily take advantage of these nice people who have the good taste to come and spend money with us for their pure leisure, it happens that our behavior is not really up to their expectations. So even if it means looking like assholes, you might as well rush down this path.

1. “Yes, Bon Marché lives up to its name, it’s a nice little second-hand shop ideal for modest purchases”

A place that does not smell of old-fashioned luxury at all and where it is good to appreciate the mixture of social classes (and which is certainly one of the things that bears its name the worst).

Top 15 false advice to give to a tourist in paris, they will never know the truth

2. “To go shopping and relax? Go to Les Halles! It’s croquignolesque”

On the other hand, be careful, it is so bright that you have to bring lots of sunscreen when you walk between two corridors.

Top 15 false advice to give to a tourist in paris, they will never know the truth

3. “The Champs Elysées is the place to be to savor the joys of a typically Parisian terrace”

Shopping, coffee and outings… Any self-respecting Parisian goes to this intimate corner at least once a week, which more than anything reflects French elegance and Parisian savoir-vivre.

4. “To visit the Eiffel Tower? You get off at Auber after it is indicated”

The Eiffel Tower is always better from afar anyway.

5. “No need for tickets for transport, we have no controllers”

And then at worst, the metro ticket sellers in front of the turnstiles are totally reliable.

Top 15 false advice to give to a tourist in paris, they will never know the truth

6. “It is now possible to swim in the Seine and even in the Saint-Martin canal, treat yourself!”

Come on, at worst you take one or two antibiotics in prevention but frankly it would be a shame to deprive yourself.

7. “I recommend the small typical restaurants of Saint-Michel: the onion soup is really delicious.”

And the prices are very fair. Anyway don’t worry, let the touts guide you, if they advise you to come to them, there must be a good reason!

8. “For a night walk, the Crimea/Porte d’Aubervilliers corner is mer-veil-leux”

The Stalingrad rotunda is one of the prettiest corners of Paris at nightfall, you can even enjoy a “zombie style” dance performance there, do not hesitate to reward the actors (salary called “dose de crack” in French) .

9. “Take the Vélib! It works very well!”

Very practical this thing, I really recommend it.

10. “Hey madmwazel!” is the most polite way to approach a girl on the street to ask for directions.

Spruce up the call with a little whistle and you’re sure to get sound advice on how to get to your destination.

11. “The tradition in France is to snap your fingers repeatedly while raising your hand to call a waiter to a terrace”

As long as you tip 50% of the bill (which is the norm), it’s fine.

Top 15 false advice to give to a tourist in paris, they will never know the truth

12. “To live like a Parisian, you MUST have once walked around Paris along the ring road”

Paris is not just the Eiffel Tower, you have to open up to other urban landscapes full of modernism.

13. “The best day for museums is Tuesday”

Either way, the longer the tail, the better the exposure.

14. “In principle in the metro, plan a change at Châtelet, it’s typical”

Limit you will look like a boloss if you don’t.

15. “Getting the 9 from start to finish is MAGIC.”

The best way to capture the essence of the Parisian soul.


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