Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids

Sometimes when we talk to a child we try to simplify an explanation to him to make him understand something, it’s the transmission of knowledge and it’s as beautiful as an aperitif with cashew nuts. But sometimes they are also told big bullshit and they realize it later, questioning everything they know and hanging up posters of one direction in their room to protest. Want to avoid that? In this case, do not teach these big mythos to your children.

1. Carbohydrates should be a major part of our diet

If you’re unfamiliar with the 90s food pyramid, you may not know that it was originally created by American grain lobbies who wanted to put their product at the top of the infamous pyramid. We’ve changed it a bit since then and today we find the vegetables at the top, which seems a bit more logical.

2. Christopher Columbus discovered America

Christopher Columbus is clearly one of the most overrated historical figures, but in addition there are a bunch of peoples who would have discovered America before 1492. Well and all that is without mentioning the fact that discovering a place already inhabited by people for centuries it doesn’t really count, it’s like my daron on vacation when he says “I discovered a secret beach” just because there are less than 100 people on it.

3. We only use 10% of our brain capacity

We have all heard this phrase before, implying that humans are capable of much more than they do. If the second part is not necessarily false, the human uses well over 10% of the capacities of his brain, in reality it is just that it is not the right method to explain this: we use all the parts of our brain but not at the same time. And concerning the fact of measuring in percentage this use it is just a bad idea of ​​quantification.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids

4. Pluto is a planet

We were even taught a mnemonic phrase to remember the order of the planets but since we have since proven that Pluto was not / no longer one, well that’s a bit of a mess. Don’t worry, there’s a new sentence for that:

Wednesday, will you come to eat, Jean, on a tablecloth?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids
Photo credits (Public Domain): NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research Institute

5. If we swallow a chewing gum it will stay in our body for 7 years

We have all heard a teacher say this sentence to us in order to make us immediately spit out our chewing gum and traumatize us enough to never eat it again serenely. However, swallowing a chewing gum will not make it stay in your belly for 7 years or stick to your stomach, it will be expelled naturally by your body a few days later. Except that we must still note two things: the first is that our body will not digest it and the chewing gum will come out almost intact, the second is that if we swallow several of them it can create a clog and constipation.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids
Picture credits: Topito

6. Camels store water in their hump to cross the desert

Well it is likely that you are already aware of this deception that we heard at school but for the others we will keep it simple: the famous hump of the dromedary is composed of 80% fat and not water. This reserve of fat would then allow them to effectively travel in the desert without having to eat more, but nothing to do with water. Otherwise there are activities to teach our children rather than telling them bullshit.

7. Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head.

It’s a nice story, it’s nice, but it’s not true. In reality it is indeed an apple that fell which made him wonder about the laws of gravity, but nothing proves, even less his words, that he took it on the head.

8. There is no gravity in space

Since we are talking about gravity, we can also address this received idea that there is none in space. NASA therefore recalls on this subject that it is false, it is for example the effect of gravity which makes the moon turn in orbit around the Earth.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids

9. Chameleons change color to protect themselves from predators

In the idea it may seem quite logical but it is obviously false, a priori there would not necessarily be a link with the desire to protect oneself from others but this faculty would rather serve to communicate between chameleons and especially to regulate their temperature, what we humans do when we sweat, for example. It’s less class I grant you.

10. Catching a cold can make you sick.

This good old grandmother’s sentence is not particularly true, in reality it is not the cold that will make you sick: it can weaken your immune defenses which means that you will be less able to defend yourself. against a virus, but on the other hand you have to be in contact with a virus for that to happen. So basically the cold is a factor in your illness but not the culprit.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids

11. You can see the Great Wall of China from space

If we can see the construction from certain places in space, we must not believe that we can see it entirely like that from anywhere and even less with the naked eye. NASA indicates that for example from the moon we do not even see it and that it is a bit exaggerated to say that the construction remains visible as soon as we see the Earth.

12. The tongue is divided into several taste sensors.

You may have seen this representation of the tongue as a map that indicates which part is sensitive to salty, sweet, bitter and other tastes, well it’s still more complex than that. Assume that our tongue has nearly 10,000 taste buds that are more or less sensitive to varying flavors, but it’s not distributed so locally and arbitrarily.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids
Picture credits: Topito

13. Most body heat evaporates through the head

In winter we are often advised to put on a good big hat because the heat of our body evaporates through our head. In reality, the heat would rather emanate from the larger parts of the body, such as the limbs. It is therefore better to protect your arms and legs from the cold as a priority, which does not mean that you have to throw this hat away, it suits you very well too.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids

14. Hair and nails continue to grow after death

Obviously this received idea would be a bad interpretation of what happens on a body the hours following death. It’s the bit that dries out and shrinks that will make the nails look longer and it will be the same on the face where hair and hair will also seem to have grown.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids
Picture credits: Topito

15. The human being has only five senses

So yes it’s easier to categorize like that, but in reality we would have about twenty. Balance, hunger, temperature, the feeling of weight (judging whether something is light or heavy)… In short, a package that may perhaps seem secondary but nonetheless remains of the senses. There is also the sixth sensebut that has nothing to do with it.

Top 15 fake things we all learned when we were kids

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