Top 15 facts that really lift your spirits (we need it)

I have bad news and good news for you. I start with the bad one, like that, it’s done. SUMMER PASSES WAY TOO FAST. You had already realized this, but I confirm it to you. BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that August is coming! You probably didn’t know it, but the latter is quite simply the “month of happiness” (in the USA, anyway). The perfect opportunity for us to remind you that YES, there are wars, YES, we are all going to die from global warming, YES, the 7th wave of Covid is here, but still… There are always small pleasures if we are looking good. Like, really good. If we put on blinkers and decide to leave this world for that of the Care Bears. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

2. Crows can become your friends

Crows are not the most reassuring birds at first sight, and yet… They can be incredibly loyal and loving! To make friends, only one technique: feed them. Daily. You will see that the info will spread quickly in their group, and that little by little, you will find yourself feeding all the crows in the neighborhood. Don’t worry, these birds will pay you back. On Reddit, several testimonials. One says that the crows protected his house from neighbors and began to caw as soon as one of them got too close. Another explains that his cat ran away and died. The crows would then have found his body, recovered his collar, to place it in the cat’s water bowl, as a souvenir. We also read that crows saved the life of a grandmother. They would have spotted him, feeling unwell in his garden, and would have turned overhead, croaking as loudly as possible in order to warn the neighbors. In short, you have understood, crows are our friends.

3. There is a biker gang that protects children from their abusers.

This is BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse), an international, non-profit organization, bringing together bikers committed to protecting children against their abusers. Their objective: to do everything so that the children feel safe, and can carry out their legal proceedings. Restore their confidence. Support them. Help them denounce their attackers. In particular, they accompany them to the courthouse during trials where they are called to testify, so that they do not feel alone. Let them turn their heads, and remember that they have the protection of a whole team of badass bikers. They risk nothing. I could cry.

4. Jupiter and Saturn have shielded Earth from many asteroid strikes

And we say thank you who? Thank you Jupiter! According to their simulations of the evolution of planetary systems with or without giant planets, researchers have arrived at this result: in the absence of Jupiter and Saturn, the Earth would have received frequent collisions with planetesimals, and we would not be there to talk about. More than a lucky star, we have two lucky planets above our heads.

5. After 10 to 15 years without tobacco, life expectancy becomes identical to that of people who have never smoked

The good news is that it’s never over, after all! And the rewards are made throughout your new life as a non-smoker! Only one year after your last cigarette, the risk of heart attack is halved, and your risk of stroke is equal to that of someone who has never smoked. After 5 years, the risk of lung cancer is almost halved. After 10 to 15 years without tobacco, your life expectancy becomes the same as if you had never smoked. I know, it’s hard. But these numbers are good proof that it’s never too late to take care of yourself. Think about it.

6. Seahorses “marry”

Too cute to be true, and yet… It’s true. Your hearts are meant to fill with love. The. Now. Right away. Seahorses are monogamous, loyal, and intertwine their tails to stay together while roaming the ocean. In reality, they are poor swimmers and spend a lot of time hiding from predators. To evolve together is to increase their chance of reproduction and survival. But it’s still too cool. Look at this.

Top 15 facts that really lift your spirits we need

7. In Italy there is a free and unlimited red wine fountain

Clearly the sweetest info of all this top! If you go to the small village of Caldari di Ortona, Italy, you can drink red wine for free and at your convenience. Don’t forget your glass, and fill it as much as you need in this red wine fountain. Located on a pilgrimage route, some see it as a reference to the blood of Christ. On the other hand, a crazy dream come true. In any case, it looks very much like a godsend, even if the winemaker reminds us that it is “neither a pub, nor a place for drunks”. Bop. It’s a place to enjoy the pleasures of life, and it’s already quite fantastic.

8. Sea otters sleep hand in hand

If we put aside the fact that this animal is not as harmless as it looks, their way of sleeping is just way too cute. The kind of cuteness that warms your heart straight away. In order not to drift and get lost, the otters sleep holding hands. I let you let go of “awwwwwww” while watching the video, just below.

9. Many people dream of you

At night, we often dream of people we don’t know. Yet all the faces you see are faces you’ve seen before. Your brain does not invent them! In the same way that you dream of a thousand faces simply crossed at the bend of a street, thousands of people who have crossed yours see it in a dream. If you felt non-existent, here is proof that you have value, even in the dreams of those you do not suspect!

10. The ozone layer heals gently

I’m not telling you anything: the Earth’s ozone layer has really taken a toll with pollution. Relief, therefore, when climate change experts announce that it should be completely cured within fifty years, according to a United Nations report published in 2018. According to them, this recovery is mainly linked to the Montreal Protocol (1987), banning chlorofluorocarbons (primary culprits) globally.

11. Volunteers respond to letters sent to Santa Claus

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is a tedious exercise. We must first think of the polite formula, both respectful and warm. Personally, I recommend a “Dear Santa (or Papa) Noël”, “My (very) dear Santa Claus”, or “Petit Papa Noël”. Then comes the list, which, to make it easier to read this good old Santa Claus or his elves, is embellished with photos carefully cut from toy catalogs. Finally, comes the dose of mytho to ensure a maximum of “I was very good” gifts. In short, a hell of a job, which deserves to be read. So, when we have 0 answers, it’s like when we apply for the internship of our dreams and our superb cover letter remains closed: it’s frustrating. Fortunately for children who (SPOILER ALERT) do not know that Santa Claus does not exist, volunteers meet every year in Canada to answer the millions of letters received, and this, in more than 30 languages, including understood braille! It’s beautiful, the magic of Christmas.

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Picture credits: Topito

12. Some window cleaners dress up as superheroes for hospitalized children

Knowing that children are hospitalized breaks our hearts. But in this misfortune, knowing that nice window washers decide to put on costumes to make them laugh, smile, or dream, right away… It warms us up a bit. A beautiful gesture that shows that men are still capable of benevolence, kindness, kindness, solidarity and dedication. It feels good.

13. We are made of stardust

“Everything we are and everything in the universe and on Earth comes from stardust, and it continually floats through us, even today”, Iris Schrijver, professor of pathology at Stanford University, during an interview with National Geographic. Pythagoras wrote “Man is stardust in relation to the totality of the universe. » Guys, do you realize or not? We are made of stardust! This sentence is so beautiful that it could come straight from Peter Pan. Come on, let’s love each other, and let’s form big stardust sheep, all together.

14. At this exact moment, there are probably tens of thousands of laughing babies in the world.

Easy to believe when you know that a child laughs 350 times a day. The adults ? 5. I’ll let you add a laugh to your day by listening to these babies laugh. It’s contagious.

15. Eating certain types of chocolate is good for your mental health.

What better news than knowing that squares of chocolate can totally be considered as cures for different ailments? According to research published by University Health New in 2019, “Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate is beneficial to health in many ways. In fact, chocolate is now considered an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ‘superfood’ for the brain and body (…) It can help keep your cardiovascular system in good working order, your mind sharp and alert, and your calm and happy mood IT MAKES ZIZIR.

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