Top 15 Executive Offices Worldwide

In all countries, the leader must have a good office to do his job well and, possibly, to receive important people there. So, even if we have nothing against them, we’re not going to grab a desk and decor from Ikea, but rather go for the luxurious that impresses. Afterwards, each country has its own style, so we’re going to take a little trip around the world to see what’s being done in this area. Spoiler: sometimes it’s still very very ugly.

1. France

The Golden Room, as we call it, well it’s golden. Like a bit too much. When it was time to decorate, we may have thought it was intended for a king and suddenly we blew up the checkbook to buy all the gold in the world and shove it in this room. It’s a bit too much.

2. United States

The famous oval office, which must be really boring to furnish anyway. It’s true, what is this idea of ​​making rounded walls? We don’t know of any stores that sell rounded shelves.

3. Canada

Among Canadians, we tend to keep things simple, and we don’t find that bad at all. At least it doesn’t give the impression that the country’s entire budget has gone into decoration, and it’s also a little less megalomaniac. Either way, Justin Trudeau doesn’t need fancy decor to be bg.

4. China

The white phone is for calling friends, and the red is for ordering pizza. Finally surely. In any case they are really far from him, and it must not be practical at all to pick up.


He imposes this office, and we appreciate the effort of symmetry, on the other hand we would call Valérie Damidot so that she comes to put us a little mole and aubergine, because there it is a little sad.

6. Germany

No doubt: Angela Merkel was totally ripped off when the offices were allocated. They gave him a rotten one with an old painting found in bulky waste hanging behind it. It’s really not nice for her.

7. Italy

If you look closely at the photo, one element should puzzle you: what is this stainless steel lamp of the future doing in the middle of an old-fashioned decor full of tapestries? There is a big consistency problem here.

8. Finland

Well sorry, we couldn’t find an overview, but we can see enough to capture that the Finns have chosen sobriety, as well as a nice wood for their desk. It’s so simple that they forgot to give him pens to work on.

9. Austria

It’s red. Really red. And then we have the impression that by tapping a little on the wall, the chairs or the floor, we will make big clouds of dust. Seriously, why are you living several centuries back?


You can, in this photo, admire the Taiwanese president who wonders who is the little prick who stole all her supplies. We just left him a chair and a phone. Is that enough to run a country?

11. Brazil

Since this photo was taken, we dare to hope that the room has been aired and that the computer has been changed. We will note the presence of a crucified Jesus on the wall of the most beautiful effect (not in real life, this Christ is a little too big, isn’t it?)

12. Croatia

The record for the number of frames placed on a chest of drawers has been reached in this office. Congratulations to Croatia. Soon, they will attack the record for the smallest presidential office that we have ever seen.

13. Cuba

The paneling on the wall with hastily drawn portraits is the ultimate fault of taste. So Cuba, we decided to do without a decorator?

14. Greece

The bookcase is great (we only see a very small part of it in the photo), but you’ll do us the pleasure of tidying up this desk a bit. At least now we know who stole all the supplies from Taiwan.

15. Iceland

Ah, we are told in the headset that Iceland has just smashed the Croatian record. Well done Iceland, you deserved it.

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