Top 15 exasperating things that millennials do, we recognize them from afar

For a long time, millennials were considered the coolest people on this planet. At the same time, they were kids in the 90s and knew how to rewind tapes with a pencil; high class. Today, millennials are getting old and are sometimes mocked by Gen Z who judges their habits and customs. Strength to you millennials, don’t give up!

1. Thinking that younger people know NOTHING about their youth

Millennials love to say things like “You mustn’t know that, it’s our childhood” and sometimes they’re right. The problem is that they often abuse thinking that they are the only ones who have known the disposable cameras or the songs of the Spice Girls.

“Millennials love to look super old, like why did this 31 year old guy just ask me if I was too young to know Usher”

2. Pay 10 bucks for a coffee

Millennials are the main target of Starbucks and Columbus because they’re the only generation willing to pay that much for coffee with 500g of sugar and whipped cream.

3. Hate voicemails

Most millennials hate talking on the phone and hate voicemail even more. It is true that it is much easier to send than to receive but it is not an insurmountable ordeal either.

4. Talking about Harry Potter

That was 25 years ago, we have to move on now. We’re tired of hearing people say “Nah but that’s because I’m Slytherin”, you guys are 35 now.

5. Offer brunch at an overpriced restaurant

We are not saying that brunches should be banned, the idea of ​​eating eggs, salmon and croissants at any time is enticing. The problem is paying €30 when you could have exactly the same thing at home for a quarter of the price. Cut your fruit yourself, it will save you from being exposed.

“Millennials love brunch because they can’t afford breakfast AND lunch”

6. Being afraid of aging while dwelling on the past

Millennials are between 25 and 40 years old and they are desperately anxious about the passage of time. They are afraid of getting old, of dying or even worse: of not being cool anymore. Despite this, they refuse to live in the moment and spend their time listening to playlists from the 2000s or watching Friends. Incomprehensible.

7. Be nostalgic for when they had a wick

You should be ashamed instead of showing us pictures of your skyblogs.

8. Send memes

As long as the millennial lives, the meme will not die. Yet, everyone is tired of receiving the same unfunny images of a smiling dog or a shocked baby. A day will come when the world will be freed from this burden.

“I’m a millennial and on the job, the employees I’m in charge of are all Gen Z. Do you think I have to attach how many minion memes to my emails to make them go through hell? 4 or 5? »

9. Use emojis for fear of appearing cold

There is a lot of criticism of boomers who don’t know how to use emojis, but millennials also have small problems with their use. Consumed by anxiety, they can’t help but put emojis everywhere to make sure that their kind message is not taken badly. Without offending you, dear millennials, we understand you very well without your laughing men.

10. Do dude podcasts to say nothing interesting

Podcasting is a real millennial thing, they love it so much that they start podcasts without a concept just to chat with their friends. You guys can do that in a bar, we don’t blame you.

11. Keep lots of useless boxes

All that to put even more useless stuff in there. Throw the whole mess at me!

“Millennials love to keep all the pretty cardboard boxes”

12. Dyson vacuum cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaners for millennials are a bit like Séguéla with Rolexes. When a millennial buys a Dyson, all his friends are jealous and ask him the price to see if he got a good deal. A funny obsession.

13. Make and sell ugly jewelry

Bored millennials love opening an Etsy shop instead of assuming they’re unemployed.

“Why do millennials suddenly decide to sell handmade stuff as soon as they turn 30? »

14. Make fun of reality TV

Millennials quickly forget that they all watched the first season of Loft Story and sent premium text messages to support their favorite Star Ac…

15. Worship Avocado Toast

It’s just bread and avocado, I really don’t understand the fascination.

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