Top 15 Evidence That 90s Kids Are Survivors

If right now you are between 23 and 37 years old, we can say that you lived part of your life in the 90s and therefore you experienced the great traumas of the 90s. And not just any part, that of your childhood/adolescence. But if we take a look behind us, there is something to freak out about. Because that was a short time ago and yet things have changed a lot since then in terms of ecology, road safety and the ban on smoking in public places etc.

1. Playgrounds weren’t safe

A study recently showed that inflatable games can be dangerous for children because of excessive ambient temperature. But doing physical activities in a place that is too hot, well, it’s not good for the little heart. Except for us. Still survivors. Always standing.

Top 15 evidence that 90s kids are survivors
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2. They did sniff some lead paint

Passion for lead poisoning. You remember, it’s the pretty word we found to designate the children who had impregnated too much lead. But we didn’t care everywhere until the 90s when we started to think that it was perhaps not the safest thing for our young heads. Especially when, in 95, it was discovered that a quarter of children under 6 had a critical blood lead level.

3. They still took the Chernobyl cloud in the face

We may have said that he wouldn’t cross the border, well, how can I put it… Technically… Well, in fact, yes. In 1986, the cloud passed well above our heads. If it is not obvious to show what consequences this had on our health, one may be tempted to establish a link between this event and thyroid cancer. Ouch. But not scientifically proven. But oh anyway.

Top 15 evidence that 90s kids are survivors

4. Their parents clapped all the way from Fécamp to Narbonne

Ah that we ate passive cigarettes. Both at home and in the car, everything was going wrong. Boah it didn’t kill us eh, we’re just going to die younger but given the prospects of global warming it’s rather good news.

Top 15 evidence that 90s kids are survivors

5. They had good bisphenol bottles

Yum yum the good feeding.

Top 15 evidence that 90s kids are survivors
Picture credits: Topito

6. They were roller skating WITHOUT KNEE PADS

No, but wait, it was just crazy about speed, déglingos, SERIOUSLY SICK!!!

7. They knew the words of Doc Gyneco by heart at 7 years old

“Come revise your math by measuring my stick”. So cute.

Top 15 evidence that 90s kids are survivors

8. They learned about life by watching Club Dorothée programs

Anyway, our parents let us watch anything and everything on the TV. “Oh a child riding a tricycle in a hallway, that must not be very bad, of course you can watch”. Yeah well thanks yeah! 25 years of psychoanalysis to resolve this trauma.

9. They all had a youpala

Now it is proven that these bullshit trotters shoot the entire body through the legs without forgetting the feet.

10. They used to jump on frozen lakes covered in snow in winter.

Haha idiots. Fortunately, this will no longer be possible thanks to global warming. We can take baths in winter in the joy and good humor of the end of the world instead of skating dangerously.

11. They walked through the forest at all hours

Phew! There will be no more trees in 8 days so today it is impossible. Yay.

12. They got the bowl cut

An evil from which we have not all emerged unscathed.

13. They were all fans of Michael Jackson

And he gave it back to us. Too well done?

14. They didn’t have a cell phone so there was no way to tell the parents if there was any problem

I’m not sure if it’s better today to have super elaborate cell phones and social networks, but one thing is certain, we MUST BE ABLE to communicate in case of a problem.

15. They survived the “year 2000 bug”

If that’s not enough proof for you, I don’t know what is.

Top 15 evidence that 90s kids are survivors

But yeah but throw me on crushed glass, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I did the 90s. Nothing can touch me anymore.

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