Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we should

In life, we have very few benchmarks. Time passes, we get older, we become embittered and stunted, friends leave us, loves kill us like big shit, children run out of the house… Fun, life. Fortunately, there are little things that are still faithful to us. Who stay there, discreetly. Silently. Without complaining. Everyday objects, these little loves that are definitely too little considered. We love them so much that it is often difficult to get rid of them. And yet, sorry to tell you, but… The older they are, the more they want to hurt you, too.

1. Sponges

What we do : our sponges have several cycles. First the dishes. When they start to look nasty and smell a little too strong, they are relegated to the toilet. A truly thrilling life, which allows him to stay with us for a long time!

What we should do: change the dish sponge every two weeks (according to a scientific study published by the journal Nature in 2017). MAXIMUM. So we don’t expect it to change color and the green grip to be torn! The surface sponge has a slightly longer lifespan: two months. One summer time. Style.

Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

“Respect yourself, and throw me in the trash. Quick. »

2. The doormat

What we do : we keep it forever. Or at least, until the next move, pee from the neighbor’s dog on our doorstep, or until we have it stolen by someone with maximum taste and hygiene.

What we should do: change it every two years and wash it once a month. ONCE A MONTH ? Who has already washed their doormat more than twice a year?

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The perfect wedding gift, for a couple you hate more than anything

3. Mattresses

What we do : once we have sold our soul to be able to afford a good mattress, believe me, we keep it! We bequeath it to our little brothers/sisters, who themselves will bequeath it to their children, who themselves… You understand.

What we should do: change our mattress AND our box spring every 10 years. I know it’s hard, but it’s a fact. It’s clearly part of the bullshit we all do with our bed, and which negatively impacts our health. I hope this news won’t keep you awake, though.

1654441576 526 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

“Jtm so much that I broke my PEL for you, I will never leave you. »

4. Pillowcases

What we do : we sleep on them (but nah?), we wash them, we put them away, and we start again. Until they start to get holes or change color. Sometimes, we even spin them as a family. Did you also have the set of sheets with your great-grandmother’s initials, or is that a purely Tarn thing?

What we should do: to start, we should wash them every week (yes yes), but that’s not all! It is advisable to replace them every 1 to 2 years.

5. Cutting boards

What we do : when it is wooden, it is generally used until it splits in two. From then on, we are delighted to now have TWO cutting boards, one of which will make a great sausage display! Life is too good sometimes.

What we should do: change our boards (wood and plastic) every year! By cutting, you necessarily create a lot of small cracks that hold bits of food. Top. As this is not enough, the wood absorbs all the bacteria, which can easily contaminate our food. And good appetite, of course !

1654441586 953 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

“No, but… When I said ‘cut the pear in half’, I didn’t mean… No, nothing. Leave alone. »

6. The toothbrush

What we do : well, we change it anyway (normally) fairly regularly. But obviously not enough…

What we should do: many dentists recommend buying a new one every three months or less. Nothing prevents you from keeping it afterwards to scour your bathroom joints (what the hell, this thing), but as for your little quenottes, it’s no! And this is ALSO valid for the brush heads of the electric brushes!!

7. The toilet brush

What we do : we close our eyes and pretend to be an ostrich. End, not literally (no, really, otherwise it gets really dirty), but we act like nothing has happened so as not to have to touch this thing straight from hell. Usually, it takes us a little trip to Action, in the bathroom department, to realize that… Yeah… It’s been a long time, right?

What we should do: buy a new one every 6 months. No, it’s not green, but let’s be honest for a minute… We all know what’s lurking in this container of death. We can’t keep this at home for too long. Really.

1654441596 402 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

No… No… Don’t put that down… Ah… Good… Too late.

8. The shower curtain

What we do : in general, it is already there when we arrive in our new little furnished studio. So why buy a new one? It’s completely stupid.

What we should do: not to keep the curtain of the former tenant (I remind you that he regularly stuck to his ass), wash ours once a month (yes, yes), and change it once a year. Afterwards, if you like to wash next to something all moldy (literally), go for it!

1654441603 583 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

What kind of work do you have to do to have the same bathroom, please?

9. The microwave

What we do : we buy it used on Leboncoin, and we keep it until it dies of its own death.

What we should do: change it when he celebrates his fifth birthday. GREAT MAXIMUM. Beyond that, it can have many shortcomings in terms of security… Afterwards, if you like to live in danger…

1654441605 368 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

Great shot, keep in mind for your next food post on Insta

10. Stoves

What we do : we buy the cheapest one at Ikea, and we keep it for years. Until it is completely scratched, and our parents explain to us yet again how dangerous it is for health (listen to them, they are often right, anyway).

What we should do: do not keep our non-stick pans for more than 2 or 3 years. As soon as they are scratched, deformed or cracked, it’s trash! Because of that kind of wear and tear, they become more difficult to clean, and… How can I tell you… The little piece of meat that remains hidden in the cracks… It’s not the best we do in terms of hygiene and health!

1654441606 890 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

11. Cloths/towels

What we do : the cleanest of us still have a hand towel AND a different dish towel (thank you). On the other hand, it is difficult to say how often we think about doing a small rotation. Little hint: if your tea towel has already changed color and/or smell, it means that the deadline has already passed for a while.

What we should do: wash dish towels every week and hand towels every day! (Nobody does that, do they?) So we change our pace, and we renew our collection of dishcloths more often, to avoid a nice proliferation of bacteria.

1654441608 908 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

“Come on, this afternoon, it’s microbes with bacteria sauce!” Yum. »

12. Shoes

What we do : wear them until death ensues. In general, only a hole on / under the pump or an overpowering smell eventually make us listen to reason. Big mistake!

What we should do: change them regularly, especially to protect our small joints. In the case of sports shoes, the Asics brand advises not to exceed 600 to 800 km. I don’t know about you, but personally, with 5km max per year, I’m laaaaarge.

13. Car seats

What we do : after having sold our soul for a mattress, we sell all that remains to us for our offspring. And clearly, the car seat is one of the good big investments that make you feel good, so… Of course… We keep them. For all the siblings. Then we move on to friends.

What we should do: find out about their lifespan, and above all do not exceed it, in relation to the fact that the materials age and that safety is no longer optimal. Rest assured, in general, it still varies from 6 to 12 years, it leaves time to recover a little.

14. Sodastream Bottles

What we do : we use it for a while, like… A few weeks. Then, it is left to gather dust at the bottom of a cupboard. So good, the question of changing bottles, it affects us one without moving the other.

What we should do: for the rare people who go to the end of the project, and who actually use their sparkling water machine, it is important to change the bottle every 3 years.

We will add that all those who, like many of us, keep their plastic water bottles as water bottles, are making a serious mistake! Yes, it’s practical and eco-friendly, but also quite dangerous… Plastic wears out very quickly and its residue can contaminate the water. Not crazy.

15. The water filter

What we do : nothing. Literally. We let him live his little life, without worrying about it. By the way, what is a water filter?

What we should do: Placed under the sink, the filter retains certain harmful substances, such as chlorine, heavy metals or pesticides. The thing is that it only works if you maintain it well, that is to say that you think about changing it at least once a year! How old is yours? I think the one with my parents is at least major, hihi.

1654441609 297 Top 15 everyday objects that we use longer than we

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