Top 15 end of series where we cried the most, give us the tissues

This top is clearly a spoiler, so I strongly advise you to watch the titles of the series that will appear if you want to avoid me revealing anything to you. But this top was necessary to evacuate together the accumulated sadness after all these series which made us bawl during the final episodes.

1. 13 Reasons Why

This is THE series that is talking about her at the moment. “Graduation”, episode 10 of the fourth and final season, brought tears to the masses. Between Justin dying of AIDS, Clay’s depression and his jokey speech at the ceremony, the burial of the tapes and the reading of Justin’s college admissions essay, we haven’t finished pouring the cash tear.

2. Desperate Housewives

The final episode is called “Life Is a Gift”, but it wasn’t at all for my fragile little heart. Already that Mike’s death had completely turned us upside down, seeing Susan leaving Wisteria Lane, accompanied by the ghosts of the dead inhabitants of the neighborhood, did not cheer us up. If we add on top of that the death of Karen McCluskey and the last poker game of the four friends, it’s really a lot of emotions in a very short time. Mary Alice who finally confides to us that the friends never saw each other again after their departure from Wisteria Lane finished finishing us off. Luckily, there was also beauty like Julie’s delivery and Ben and Renee’s wedding.

3. Friends

After 10 seasons and 230 episodes, “The Last One” has given us a big boost in morale. Erika’s delivery, Ross’s declaration of love to Rachel, Monica and Chandler who are packing their boxes and then the six companions who find themselves in the empty apartment before leaving to pursue their adult life. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

4. Six Feet Under

“Everyone’s wainting”, the final episode of season 5, aroused great emotion among fans. On the day of its broadcast, this 68-minute episode attracted nearly 3.9 million viewers. We can see Claire take flight with emotion towards New York. His journey, to the rhythm of the music breathe me by the singer Sia, is punctuated by flashforwards (flash of the future) where we see the key events in the future life of the characters, but above all… their death. Big atmosphere. Thanks to this, producer and creator Alan Ball made sure that he could never bring the series back to life. But was it really the right solution? I’ll let the fans answer that question.


The episode of Glee, “Dreams come true”, is particularly sad because of the absence of Finn, his interpreter Cory Monteith having died a year and a half before. The resumption of Don’t Stop Believing, performed by all the actors of the series, during this last season 5, moved a lot.

6. Jane The Virgin

It was a deliberate choice of the screenwriter: to kill the villain of the series during the penultimate episode so that the last is a compendium of happiness. We are therefore witnessing the very beautiful marriage of Jane and Rafael, the success of Rogelio and the reunion of Petra and JR. We also cry, but this time not for something sad. It changes.

7. The Big Bang Theory

This finale made it possible to close the twelve seasons of the series in style. Personally, I had tears in my eye during Amy’s feminist message on the place of women in the world of science. But I admit that Sheldon’s speech, when the group of friends was on the verge of breaking up, was also very moving. No, no, it’s not snot on my face, it’s moisturizer, okay?

8. How to get Away with Murder

Many Internet users and media have compared the finale of Murder to that of Lost. And for good reason: in 45 minutes, “Stay” was able to answer all the questions pending since the start of the series. Between the trial and the victory of Annalise, the betrayal of Michaela and Connor, the death of Franck and Bonnie, the future funeral of Annalise, the evolution of Christopher… Too many twists, I was out of breath.

9. Vampire Dairies

“I was feeling epic”, the episode bears its name well. The eighth season ends with a final fight against Katherine. And Stefan’s sacrifice, bouuuuuuuuuuhouhouuu (#SadReactsOnly). Besides, the message from his wife Caroline, on Stefan’s answering machine, is just as sad. Luckily, the writers thought of us a bit by getting Elena out of the coma and writing a great ending for her and Damon. But still, Stefan what! Damn at the end!

10.Quantum Code

The end of Quantum Code could be summed up in one sentence: “Doctor Sam Beckett never came home”. Well, have a good evening. No, but really, why are you doing this to us? We didn’t come here to suffer, okay?

11. Flea Bag

The short but really effective series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge will have us living emotions until the end. It’s as if Andrew Scott, the priest, has us too when he decides to reject Fleabag. Ouch, how my heart hurt when he told us “It will pass”. Fleabag’s latest emotional camera look shows us that it’s actually not going to be that easy. Anyone have a handkerchief?

12. Serge the mytho

This super-funny French series broadcast on Canal + clearly broke our hearts. Too caught up in his lies because of his illness, Serge breaks up with Ingrid. And it makes us realize that mythomania is to be taken very seriously and can be really disabling. Another wasted love story, here it is, I have the seum!

13. Breaking Bad

Well, we all suspected that Walter was going to die. But the ! Between the heartbreaking moment when Skyler lets Walter state his last wishes, Walter’s highly orchestrated revenge, his goodbyes to his loved ones, but most importantly his death alone in a lab… I hope you’re planning on doing something joyful afterwards. reading this top, huh.

14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A pure TV moment when Spike sacrifices himself for humanity by declaring his love for Buffy. Chills my friend. We also had our heart torn by the death of Anya and then a little glued afterwards in front of the beautiful feminist speech of Buffy who wants to share her power with thousands of young women. Too many emotions, I am not capable.

15. Orange is the New Black

If the flagship couple of the series, Alex and Piper, is entitled to a happy ending, this is not the case for all the characters. Pennsatucky dies of an overdose thinking she failed an exam as she graduates, Daya gets strangled by her mother and no one knows what becomes of her, Red and Lorna are taken to the block for people with dementia, Maritza is deported to her country of birth,… Not happy, happy all that. Fortunately, we still have Gloria Mandoza who sees her daughter again and Nicky who takes over the role of Red. Well, it’s more Hello Darkness my old friend than La Balade des genshappys.

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