Top 15 emotional memories we have of the 4-color pen, the ultimate supply

Among all the cool school supplies, the coolest is the 4-color pen, a compendium of ingenuity that allowed you to avoid having lots of pens in your pencil case. Whoever invented it deserves to get the Nobel Prize for Life. We’ve experienced a lot with this 4-color pen, joys, disappointments, surprises… It’s kind of our best friend.

PS: we didn’t even receive any money from BIC for this top, but if they want to send us lots of money and 4-color pens, we’re obviously very excited.

1. When you tried to pop out two mines at the same time (it was purely impossible)

We never gave up hope of success.

2. When you swapped the colors of his neighbor’s pen to trick him (it was laugh bars)

He wanted to write in blue and then he wrote in… RED. It was worth taking 3 hours of glue.

3. When you used up all the blue ink while there was plenty of green and red left (it was kinda sad)

When you think back to all that waste of ink that ended up in the trash…

4. When we saw the 4-color pens arrive with different colors, like pink, orange or cyan (it was amazing)

Your parents never wanted to buy it for you, and deep down they were totally right since it was useless.

5. When the mechanism seized up a bit and you took the pen apart to find out where the problem came from (it was stimulating)

You took yourself for a mechanical engineer when it was often not very complicated.

6. When you unscrewed the pen so you could use all 4 colors at the same time (it was artistic)

Well ok it was a bit ugly but you were bored in class so you had to find little fantasies in your life.

7. When it became your only school supplies in college (it was minimalist)

You showed up with a big notepad and a 4-color pen and that’s all you needed. There was the laptop team, and the 4 color team. You were part of the good team.

8. When someone stole your pen and you were disgusted (it was disgusting)

By the way, we came across an amazing deal of 4 color thefts, read this whole thread below, it’s awesome.

9. When you cracked the body of the pen because you screwed it in too hard and now it would never really close (it was infuriating)

Afterwards the thing was spinning in a vacuum when we tried to screw it. You really felt like you wasted your life.

10. When you played with the pen in your mouth and the spring pushed one of the pieces of plastic and nicked your teeth (it was dangerous)

Your dentist wouldn’t have liked it if he had seen you.

11. When you made as much noise as possible based on “click click click” and it pissed off your neighbors at the table (it was enjoyable)

Everyone hated you but you didn’t care. It was often the drummers who did that.

12. When your hand hurt from writing with it because that pen is way too big (it was painful)

It was a pen for speed but not for endurance.

13. When you forgot it at home one day (it was sad)

You had to borrow pens from right to left but it was never as good as a good 4 colors.

14. When you carved your name on it with a compass so we’d stop stealing it (that was smart)

Easy to identify the thief after that.

15. When you chewed the tip until it was completely gross (it wasn’t very clean)

But it was another good way to avoid having it stolen.

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