Top 15 emojis to stop using, that’s an order

Well that’s it, we’re fed up. It’s always the same ugly emojis that we get sent. There are some that are used all over the place and stain our conversations like a drop of Bolognese sauce on a brand new white t-shirt. It would almost make you want to go back to the good old fashioned smileys.

1. The Contempt Emoji

This smiley, which was originally just a smiley face used on MSN, has changed its meaning in recent years. If you receive a message with this emoji, it must come from someone who despises you deeply. Or maybe it’s a message from your grandmother.

2. One who prays

Typically, it’s your daron over sixty who will use it to ask you: “Can you get some bread on the road to come?” And that good old “please” is simply replaced by hands saying a prayer. Since when is your father a believer too? Can’t he go get his shitty bread himself?

Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

3. The confused one

Me: “I just lost my cat. »

Him : ” :/ “

Me: “You know Bastien, next time, if you have nothing to say, you say ‘I’m sorry for you’ or shut up but never send me that fake confused and compassionate emoji again. »

Yes sorry I got carried away but it’s because there was no more tea this morning so I had to drink hot water and it’s disgusting.

1654531909 535 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

4. Big boomer emoji

If you use this emoji, you are probably at least 50 years old and you hang out a little too much on Facebook. This emoji is relatively recent and yet it is already old, as if it has already had its day. If you’re using it when you’re 15, unsubscribe.

1654531910 393 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

5. The “ok” in sign language

It really is the emoji of the fat asshole who wants to show everyone that he is on vacation on a paradise island or that he is eating in the best restaurant on the planet. He adds this emoji to make it clear that what he is doing is awesome. But if your life is so cool, then why do you have to show it to us PERPETUALLY?

1654531912 846 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

6. Contracted biceps

Which is often synonymous with “courage” and “letting go”, and that we are sent precisely when we want to let go of everything. Do you really think that sending me a tight bicep will make me want to go for an hour run or fill out all my administrative paperwork? Not at all. You take your biceps and shove it well between your gluteal muscles.

1654531913 210 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

7. Conspiratorial emojis

When someone uses one of these emojis on social networks, it is often to accompany a text saying that there is 5G in vaccines, that we are not told everything, that the truth is inconvenient or that we wonder who benefits from the crime (our favorite conspiratorial phrases).

1654531915 414 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

8. Poo

Hey guys it might be time to grow up a little right? Poo was funny when we were under 10. You’re really annoying me today, I think I’m going to rest for the next six months and settle in a forest to feed exclusively on humus.

1654531916 432 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

9. The shy little kiss

I give you kisses but my cheeks are red because I’m a little shy hehe. Have you ever seen someone do this for real? Does this emoji convey a real feeling that exists in the real world? I don’t believe at all. What’s worse is that it’s sometimes used in a mean way, as if to say “don’t cry kitten, you’ll be fine”.

1654531918 101 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

10. Big boomer number 2 emoji

If you had to choose the most embarrassing emoji of all, the one that always makes you feel uncomfortable when you see it, it’s this one. He sticks out his tongue, tilts his head and has eyes that go into a spin as if he wanted to tell you “I’m a real déglingo”. Take that thing away from me, please.

1654531919 684 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

11. The Mizaru Monkey

What was supposed to represent the blind monkey in wise monkeys now represents a person who hides because they are a bit shy. The kind of person who would be just insufferable in reality, actually. It makes me want to grab my plates and smash them violently on the floor (but I won’t because plates are useful and I need them).

1654531920 966 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

12. The woman we don’t even know what she’s doing

We see it very often when… well… what does that mean? “Here I am here with my hand hihihi cuckoo”, or “Look, it’s raining, you can feel the rain on the palm of your hand lol”, or “Do you see my imaginary parrot on my shoulder? His name is Coco, like all parrots, because I’m not original at all lol. Let’s burn this emoji please.

1654531922 389 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

13. Naughty fuckboy emoji

This is the flirt emoji, the one that means “I’m too cute and mysterious, do you want us to go further, you and me?” “. By sending this emoji, you are very clear about your intentions and in truth, the mystery has more or less disappeared.

1654531923 819 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

14. The Mouthless Emoji

Is he just silent or does he really have no mouth? If so, it’s really creepy anyway. If in doubt, just stop using it for anything and everything.

Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

15. Laughing Crying Emoji

That it is used to make fun of people who use it seriously, yes. But if you use it yourself seriously, then I say NO. This stuff makes any adult look like an 8 year old. You do what you want afterwards, but now you have been warned.

1654531926 338 Top 15 emojis to stop using thats an order

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