Top 15 “Dirty or Not Dirty” Stuff » : the great debate

Sometimes we do it, and we honestly wonder why it can be shocking. Sometimes it’s other people who inflict it on us, and we think we should decide once and for all that it’s perfectly disgusting. The problem is that no authority has really worked on these everyday gestures that are sometimes justifiable, sometimes completely hygienic, but for which we cannot say without offending anyone if they are dirty, or not dirty…

2. Remove a booger with your fingers, throw it in the trash and wash your hands well afterwards

A mickey ready to use, already hard, it does not deserve to waste your handkerchief without the assurance of recovering the object and risking keeping it at the edge of the nostril for hours. With two fingers you are sure of your grip. You also know where it ends, and if there are any clinging to the subway bars, you can hold it for a few seconds while you wash your fingers.

3. Knock the drool off her flute by tapping it against her thigh when she whistles in music class

It’s scientific, blowing into this pipe fills it little by little with squibs which accumulate in a thick mucus which makes the object whistle in high pitches. You’re in class, no question of shaking it in all directions and spraying everyone with what belongs only to you.

4. Wipe yourself with paper

It’s French flaring, for generations we’ve trusted paper to clean us just enough. Nor are we going to drop 30 euros a month in chemical wipes to give us hives on the buttocks! Or bother with a Japanese toilet that wets everything, dries you badly and transforms this moment of relaxation into a violent car wash.

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5. Pierce someone else’s blackheads

No more fuss between you, and anyway, blackheads are just little grains of hardened fat. It doesn’t explode, it comes out on its own. It’s almost a game.

6. Smell his feet

It’s good for the flexibility of the knees and hips, and when it smells of Beaufort throughout the apartment, it’s better to reassure yourself by checking that it’s not your toes that the smell comes from, or go quickly wash them to stop the slaughter.

7. Pee in the shower

There are a lot of people who drink it (not many, ok)… We say to ourselves that it’s ecological, that it won’t risk clogging the pipes. On the other hand, if you catch your roommate doing the same thing, you will go shower in fangs!

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8. Roll a cigarette for someone else

It’s not smoking the bit of saliva that stuck the sheet that will change the schmilblick. In addition, his smoker’s saliva is certainly more harmful.

9. Lick the cotton swab before putting it in your ear

On your sofa, the ad is ringing and you have no more life at Candy Crush… It’s time to grab a good cotton swab and treat yourself to a little pleasure. Only, if it is not wet, the cotton goes into a lollipop and it is the plastic rod that threatens to burst your eardrum. The sink is so far away. Isn’t it said that saliva is a super healthy healing antiseptic? If you’ve ever heard that somewhere…

10. Smell your clothes to make sure you have to put them in the dirty

Because hey, yes, you’re a bit messy. There are indeed in this pile of clothes placed on a chair one or two sweaters which do not deserve the passage to the washing machine. Because clothes, too many washes, it damages them.

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11. Lend your toothbrush

Same as for the towel, finally, if there are bits of chicken stuck in the bristles of your toothbrush, it means that you do not know how to rinse it. To think that others would disgust your toothbrush is a bit like admitting that you do.

12. Blow your nose in the sink by closing one nostril and expelling everything violently from the other

The technique known as the footballer. Because already you have to get there, it’s a good man’s thing, with a solid mind. It doesn’t smear your fingers or Kleenex, and soon it’ll all be gone down the drain just as fast as it happened.

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13. Not flushing after only peeing

Because you’re thinking about the planet, and/or it was too late and it was going to make noise or because the next person is going to flush it right after.

14. Have only one towel for the body, the hair and the zizi

If others see it as a disadvantage, it’s because they don’t know how to wash properly. There is nothing that is dirtier than the rest when you get out of a good shower.

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15. Pick your teeth after meals

How do we do it, if we have the dentition that retains everything? Let it rot?