Top 15 differences between the Harry Potter books and movies, yes we are…

We loved the books, we loved the movies and we enjoy putting on a wizard’s robe while remaining naked underneath in order to feel the softness of the fabric on the skin. But know that there are many differences between the two works and we’ll give you the biggest of them.

1. Voldemort’s Story

A large part of volume 6 presents us with the dark past of Tom Riddle and all the jokes he could make to people. In the film, we have nothing at all and we know nothing of the extent of Voldi’s cruelty. The real ones know who Merope Gaunt is.

Top 15 differences between the Harry Potter books and movies

2. The importance of the Half-Blood Prince

In the book, Hermione desperately wants to know who the author of the book is that helps Harry with his potions, which leads them to uncover details of Snape’s past. In the cinematographic work, we only learn at the end that Snape is the Half-Blood Prince and balek that this is the title of the film.

3. The messages of support and hope left at Godric’s Hollow, the location of Lily and James’ murder

Moving and touching moment in the books, total balek in the film. We’re not going to waste time adding emotional intensity to a scene.

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4. Albus Dumbledore’s Past

Albus in love with his best friend Grindelwald, whom he faces in a duel because the latter is fucked from the cash register does that mean anything to you? This duel which sees the death of Ariana the Dumbledore sister? Abelforth blaming Albus for his death? A very beautiful story with which the film will torch.

5. Harry and the sock trick

In The Chamber of Secrets, in order to free Dobby the smelly elf, Harry puts Tom Riddle’s book in the sock. In the movie, he puts the sock in the book, which makes a lot more sense. In the book, Malfoy is a bit stubborn.

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6. Harry and the Firebolt

In the film, he receives his broom at the end of the film and uses it for 3 seconds. In the book, he receives it much earlier but Hermione thinks it is bewitched, so McGonagall confiscates it. What a bitch this Hermione.

7. Harry VS the Spiked Magyar

In the book, everything happens in the arena, but in the film, it goes completely nuts since the dragon takes off and chases Harry on a broom. And no teacher reacts, thinking that a student chased by a huge dragon is not that dangerous.

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8. No Quidditch in the 5th movie

We have the right to no match, whereas in the book, Ron becomes guardian and especially prefect of Gryffindor. He goes from dumb redhead to super stylish guy.

9. The Absence of Peeves

In the book, there is a poltergeist who does a lot of bullshit. It is only controllable by the Slytherin ghost, the Bloody Baron, and by Dumbledore, even if the latter has a lot of trouble. Does this imply that Peeves is better than the old headmaster crouton? Likely…

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10. Professor Binns

In the live, there’s a bored ghost teacher in his own class, who probably doesn’t know he’s dead and continues to teach his students. In the film we have nothing. Never forget Professor Binns.

11.Charlie Weasley

The Weasleys’ 2nd son is mentioned in the movies but never seen, even though the guy is handsome and raises fucking dragons overseas. Must believe that the films have decided to make their work completely shitty.

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12. Nearly Headless Nick’s 500th birthday

In the 2nd volume, the ghost of Gryffindor celebrates his half-millennium with all the ghosts and it goes on an orgy where everyone fucks with everyone. In the film we only have the right to Harry who opens the fan letters with Gilderoy. Great shit atmosphere.

13. Veelas are non-existent

A Veela is a human-like creature capable of attracting all men via a powerful spell. In the film, we don’t even mention the existence of this race and above all we don’t say that Fleur Delacour is a half-human, half-Veela hybrid. Her grandma was a Veela. Kisses to her.

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14. Beauxbatons chicks are all good

In the books we never talk about that while in the movies, we are thrown at us with hot chicks from the same school. And the same for Durmstang, the guys are all powerful males and practice muscle on a daily basis.

15. Eradicating Garden Gnomes

We would have liked to see in the movies this moment when Ron struggles badly with chasing these cute little men.

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