Top 15 countries in Europe where people stay with their parents the longest

We all have a friend who still lives with his parents when he is 35 years old and clearly earns enough money to settle down quietly but is just lazy to cook and clean. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but in some cases people overdo it a bit and stay as long as possible with their parents while others simply have no choice, and you’ll see that depending on the country, that this kind of behavior can last quite a while, as revealed by a recent ranking that we invite you to discover right away.

1. Portugal: 33.6 years

The big winners in this ranking are our Portuguese friends with an average of 33.6 years spent in the family home before flying on their own. Why wait so long to leave? Maybe because finally we are among the darons.

Why are we staying longer? To eat pasteis de nata and look at the magnificent statue of Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. Croatia: 33.3 years

Our Croatian friends also like to stay close to their loved ones as long as possible (notice the cleverly placed repetition of the word “close”).

Why are we staying longer? To go for a walk in the old town of Dubrovnik and in the magnificent national parks where you can come across bears and shells and sometimes even bears with shells.

Top 15 countries in Europe where people stay with their
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3. Greece: 30.7 years

One does not leave the family home before 30 years in Greece, it is an obligation of the law. A bit boring as a system but do not offend the old.

Why are we staying longer? To withstand the flood of tourists who come in droves in the summer to take their picture in front of the magnificent coasts and buy cheap olive oil.

4. Italy: 29.9 years

We pass under the bar of thirties with our Italian brothers, a proud and touchy people who also like to enjoy family comfort for as long as possible.

Why are we staying longer? To eat homemade lasagna, ride a scooter and try not to stick too much to the clichés that I filing dirty in this top on all the countries that I quote.

5. Spain: 29.8 years

At 0.1 point, Spain wins fifth place in the standings by letting itself be grilled by Italy. And they must start to have it bad our Spanish neighbors always being upstaged by Italy.

Why are we staying longer? To eat a good tortilla and sing revolutionary music while selling T-shirts bearing the likeness of Che Guevara who ultimately had no real connection with Spain but still sells a little better on T-shirts. shirts as Franco for example.

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6. Poland: 29 years old

Our Polish friends enjoy the family home long enough before going to face life like manga heroes, and we can’t blame them for that.

Why are we staying longer? To learn to speak Polish well before leaving, without messing around, learning this language is extremely long, 28 years on average.

7. Romania: 28 years old

Romania is 28 years old, as the famous song “Romania is 28 years old” says by Enrico Macias, who has definitely sung on every conceivable subject during his long and fruitful career, half of which he has spent tears in the eyes.

Why are we staying longer? To have time to visit the Carpathians, because it’s super big as a mountain range, we’re not talking about a twelve-hour hike.

8. Ireland: 27.9 years

Ah Ireland, the guiness, the rain, the leprechauns and other crap that steal your wallet as soon as you walk a little too late in the moors. What a beautiful country with many facets…

Why are we staying longer? Because Ireland is super cool, the people are friendly, welcoming and you want to stay there despite the rain, which is a great feat.

9. Belgium: 26.2 years

The Belgians are the best people in the world, it is a proven and entirely indisputable fact. We absolutely don’t deserve them as neighbors but they stay super cool with us even though we are a nice bunch of assholes.

Why are we staying longer? For the beer, the fries, the statue of the little peeing man, the diamond dealers and the question that never leaves anyone once in the country: should you speak French or Dutch here?

10. Germany: 23.6 years

The only tied places in the ranking for 10th and 11th position are once again disputed and without surprises it is Germany and France, these enemy sisters who still appreciate each other a little despite the family tangles.

Why are we staying longer? Only to put it deep to the French who suddenly find themselves 11th in the standings and that’s far too tempting for the Germans to tease us a little.

11. France: 23.6 years

Ah France, country of human rights and equality for all human beings. It is not necessarily verified but it is pretty when it is marked on the pediment of the town halls.

Why are we staying longer? To annoy the darons, mainly. And also like in all other countries because it’s super expensive to take your apartment and live alone when you’re still a student.

12. Denmark: 21.3 years

Be careful, here we are in the last places and without surprises it is about the Nordic countries which know how to do everything better than everyone else but do not hasten to point it out, because they are better than that.

Why are we staying longer? To live the good life in Copenhagen and hope to meet Mads Mikkelsen, the classiest man in the world. And also because Denmark is super cool.

13. Finland 21.2 years old

“He had just turned 21.2, he left home with his parents” sang Dalida before correcting his text because it was not crazy. Anyway she was right on one point: in Finland you leave before you are 22, because overall there is money in these countries.

Why are we staying longer? To hope to catch a glimpse of that motherfucker Santa Claus in Lapland and eat some oatmeal. Two occupations that are worth a look.

14. Sweden: 19

19 years old, does that sound like a bunch of wankers? In Sweden we leave as soon as possible from the parents to fully embrace our independence. How come ? Because they have state aid to help young people pay for their studies and accommodation, while we have state aid to help ministers pay for their meals and their rent.

Why are we staying longer? 19 is fine, you don’t want them to leave at 4 either, don’t mess around, it’s not Mordor here.

15. Mordor: 4 years

Yes, he is the big winner, the country where people leave the family nest as soon as possible to go and work as a blacksmith among the killer whales.

Why are we staying longer? It must be said that a local from Mordor at four years old is already two meters tall and 120 kilos, you have to learn to get by quickly in these regions.

Top 15 countries in Europe where people stay with their

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