Top 15 celebrity tips for finding a first name for your child

Finding the first name of your child is certainly one of the worst stages of a pregnancy. Come on, it has to be pretty, original, there aren’t 3 in its class, it has to have a symbolism, only this, only that. PFIOUUUUU. BORING, IN FACT. Fortunately for us, some stars have found unstoppable techniques for finding cool, original, and hardly shy little names. I let you draw inspiration from these geniuses.

1. Change your first name to feminine/masculine like the Smiths

You had planned to give her the name of the father, but it’s a girl… OOPS! Relax, Max! The Smiths have found the trick: all you have to do is modify the first name a little to feminize it (or masculinize it, as the case may be). For “Will junior Smith” let’s go on “Willow”. It’s Willow. It’s a nice mix between Will and “Window”. It’s almost poetic, isn’t it?

2. Choose a professional ref like the Beckhams

The youngest of the Beckham siblings is called Harper Seven. An original name that parents can easily explain: Harper is an old English name that Victoria has always loved. “Seven” is a special number, as it was the number David wore when he played in Manchester. Besides, the little one was born on a Sunday, the seventh day of the week, so frankly, if that’s not a sign…

3. … Or just your favorite figure, like Michael Youn and Isabelle Funaro

EH BAM, there too, the girl is called “Seven”. Explanation of the parents: it is the lucky number of Michaël Youn, and in addition… There are seven letters in “I love you”. Want to vomit, and you?

4. Give her the name of her birthplace, like the Kardashians/West

Kim Kardashian and Ye West’s third child is named ‘Chicago West’. If the little girl is called that, it’s simply because she was born in the American city of the same name. Thank God his mother did not give birth in Six-Fours-les-Plages.

In the West-Kardashian-Geography friendly family, I also ask for “North”, the big sister of “Chicago”. Yes… “North West”. The association of Atlas amateurs and the friendship of the cardinal points are all things.

5. Or the name of his design district, like the Beckhams (again)

Ah hop, back to the Beckham family, visibly gifted in finding first names loaded with personal symbolism. It was in Brooklyn that David and Victoria went crack-crack-boom-boom, and their first child was conceived. It is therefore “Brooklyn” which will be given to him as a first name. To say that it passed only a few kilometers from being called “Greenwich Village”… Les boules.

6. Do like Beyonce and Jay-Z: your favorite color + your favorite number = your child’s first name

The star couple’s daughter is called “Blue Ivy.” Blue, for Jay-Z’s favorite color, and “Ivy” for the number 4. WHAT? In fact, you have to refer to the pronunciation of the Roman number, “IV”, so that it gives “Ivy”. Why the number 4? Beyoncé was born on September 4, Jay-Z was born on December 4, they were married on April 4, one of the rapper’s albums is called “4:44”, while the singer’s fourth album is called “4 “. Egocentric, these stars, you think?

7. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen chose in their favorite Disney

The couple, Disney fans, decided to pay tribute to one of the princesses. They chose “Sleeping Beauty” (yet not the smartest of princesses). In the cartoon, in VO, the fairies call Aurora “Briar Rose” to protect her from Maleficent. This is the first name that the Christensens chose for their daughter: Briar Rose Christensen. “Hi, Nettle Leaf. Me, it’s Rose d’épine. Do you know where Hewn Bush went? »

8. Zooey Deschanel was inspired by a marine mammal

Do you know how to say “sea otter” in English? “Sea-otter”. Now do you know the name of Zooey’s daughter? Elsie Otter. Yes, that’s his first name. A pun assumed by the parents who explain “We really like the name Elsie, and we love otters because they’re cute and smart. » . Uhhhh, so… Far be it from me to disappoint you, but sea otters are among the animals that are believed to be harmless, but which are dangerous. It’s not cool at all, an otter.


9. Flower name + name of a pop star = first name of Geri Halliwell and Sacha Gervasi’s child

To find an original first name, the former Spice-Girl chose the name of a flower she liked, “Bluebell” (the bluebell), and a little-known pop star: Madonna. Hey, she named her daughter “Bluebell Madonna.” An infinitely adaptable technique that multiplies the field of possibilities! Very good ! Come on, I’m going, I have to go eat Dandelion Jackson, Ranunculus Spears and Geranium Timberlake.

10. Penn and Emily Zolten Jillette decided to go all the way with a good joke.

Their daughter is called “Moxie CrimeFighter”. If the first particle of the first name is not too eccentric, the second naturally means “crime fighter”. Why such a name? So that if she “is pulled over for speeding, she can tell the cop: “But officer, we are on the same side, my middle name is CrimeFighter. ». This is really the explanation given by the parents. A minute of silence for this poor kid, please.

11. Take inspiration from song lyrics, like Jason Lee

The American actor called his son “Pilot Inspector”. If the origin of “Inspector” is a mystery, that of “Pilot” simply comes from a song by the group Grandaddy, who sang “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot” (“He’s simplet, he’s stupid , this is the driver”). NICE.

12. Take your last name, change the first letter, hey presto: that’s David Bowie’s son’s first name

David Bowie’s son is called… Zowie. Zowie Bowie. Simple and effective technique, which nevertheless offers a panoply of 25 possible first names, and which promises a first name and surname that rhyme with each other. The Rolie Polie Olie family likes this.

13. Stick to a single letter for a short first name without a diminutive

Philippe Stark, well-known designer, visibly pushes minimalism to its climax: his daughter is called “K”. Just “K”. “K Stark”. How was this accepted by the Civil Registry? No idea.

14. Do like André Courrèges, and pay homage to your favorite dessert

The guy founded one of the most prestigious ready-to-wear houses, he revolutionized the mini-skirt and the white boots, and he was not damned to find a decent name for his daughter? Excuse my exasperation, but it’s called “Clafoutis”, what! Clafoutis, in tribute to his father’s favorite dessert!! Seriously.

15. For Elon Musk, all you have to do is: “Mathematical variable + cool acronym + favorite plane + first letter of his favorite song”

No, Musk’s child is not called “X Æ A-12” in homage to some robot! No, the child’s mother explained that “X, is an unknown variable, Æ, which I pronounce “Ai” for love or artificial intelligence, A-12 is the precursor to the SR-17 (our favorite plane), no weapons or defense, just speed. Strong in battle, but not violent. The A also stands for “Archangel”, my favorite song”. No, but I don’t quite understand there, we make a rebus, where we name a child for the rest of his life?

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