Top 15 Celebrity Homes Before They Were Famous (and Rich)

The stars are cool, it’s even my passion. And my second passion is houses. So I decided to do something crazy and mix my two passions by going to see the houses of stars before they became famous. And I can tell you that it is worth the detour.


The “Diamond” singer grew up in Saint Michel (in Barbados, not Paris) in a modest little house. The government even decided to rename the street after her, which is nice, even if today she lives in much more stylish houses.

2.Michael Jackson

Before becoming the King of Pop, Michael Jackson grew up with his family in this small house in Indiana. Afterwards he bought the unlikely “Neverland” ranch in which there was a zoo and attractions.

3. Chris Pratt

Before being a guardian of the galaxy and an employee of Jurassic Park who takes care of dinosaurs, Chris Pratt was above all a guy in trouble who lived in a van. He started by far the Andy of Parc’s And Rec.

4. Beyonce

Queen B lived in this pretty red stone house in Houston, Texas. It’s still cute though. Today she lives with Jay-Z in a huge mansion in California and it’s nice too.

5. Eminem

The Detroit rapper grew up in a fairly poor environment in this little shack which is also on the cover of his “Marshall Mathers LP2”. Today he lives a house a huge house and it’s suddenly cooler (but much longer to pass the vacuum).

Top 15 Celebrity Homes Before They Were Famous and Rich

6. Nina Simone

The legendary Nina Simone grew up in this tiny house in Tryon, North Carolina, before becoming one of the icons of her time. She was posthumously entered into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.

7. Muhammad Ali

The world’s most famous boxer arrived in this small house in Louisville at the age of five. Now renovated, it has been transformed into a museum on the childhood of little Cassius Clay (his birth name for those who did not know it).


The world-famous singer’s childhood home is in suburban Detroit. Today she has left this house to live between her many sick estates such as those in London and Hollywood.

9. Kurt Cobain

The late and late Nirvana singer/frontman grew up in this tiny Aberdeen house that was still up for sale a few years ago. Clearly it’s less exciting than Beyoncé’s childhood home.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous governor/actor/bodybuilder grew up in this house located in Thal, Austria. Then he came to the United States to show his big muscles and become famous. His plan worked well.

11. Harrison Ford

The classiest actor in the world, interpreter of Indiana Jones, Han Solo or even Rick Deckard grew up in this pretty house in Park Ridge, Illinois. Even his childhood home is classy, ​​we’re jealous.

12. Marlon Brando

Since we are talking about actors who have class, we must also mention good old Marlon, the godfather in Coppola’s film. His childhood home is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

13. Elvis Presley

The king of rock and roll grew up in this tiny house in Tupelo, Mississippi. It was long before he dressed in sequins, became the icon we know today and came to marry all the drunks in the world in Las Vegas.

14. Kobe Bryant

The very late NBA champion Kobe Bryant who died tragically in 2020 grew up in this house in Pennsylvania. It was also sold very recently for the sum of $810,000.

15. Halle Berry

The actress went through a difficult phase, at 21 she was sleeping in shelters for the homeless. Now Oscar-winning and world-famous, she lives in a house in Malibu with an elevator and hot tubs. So all’s bad that ends well.

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