Top 15 Cartoon Characters When They Were Babies

If you weren’t deprived of television all your childhood, you must have grown up watching far too many cartoons. There are some that scared us and others that made us cry but we always ended up knowing them by heart. Unless you’ve watched ALL the episodes, you’ve never seen what your favorite characters looked like when they were babies. Luckily, we investigated for you.

1. When baby Snoopy was adopted by Charlie Brown

Before living with Charlie Brown and the Woodstock bird, Snoopy lived with his mother and siblings at a place called “Daisy Hill Puppy Farm”. It was on this farm where owners breed dogs to sell puppies that Snoopy was born and it’s also where he met Charlie and his family.

Top 15 Cartoon Characters When They Were Babies

2. A photo of Gromit celebrating his birthday with Wallace

We’re not sure where this picture of baby Gromit celebrating his birthday came from, but it’s likely to come from a picture frame on display at Wallace. It was surely kept to keep a memory of this exceptional hair and mustache.

Top 15 Cartoon Characters When They Were Babies

3. Barbapapa grows in the earth before being born

In the first episode of the original series of Barbapapa, we witness the birth of Barbapapa. In the children’s garden, François and Claudine, a small pink ball with eyes grows under the ground out of sight. She grows until she becomes the big, shapeless, slightly icky mass that we know as Barbapapa. It would be so much more convenient if humans were born that way.

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4. The credits of Titeuf shows him as a baby

Well, I admit that we cheated a little on this point. If you have already watched an episode of season 3 of Titeuf, we can see baby Titeuf from the credits. Moreover, we see him grow from his state of sperm with wick to his age in the series.

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5. Candice holds her little brother Phineas in her arms.

In an episode of Phineas and Ferb, we witness a flashback where the mother introduces Phinéas who has just been born to her big sister, Candice. She should have known from his deceitful gaze that he was going to become a treacherous and lying brat.

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6. Scooby-Doo characters in children’s version

In 1988 the first episode of Toutou Risks Agencya series derived from Scooby Doo where all the characters are young children. The animation hasn’t aged very well but Scooby is a lot cuter as a puppy.

7. Ben 10 is turned into a 2-year-old

If you watched Cartoon Network cartoons in the 2000s, you probably remember Ben 10 and his watch that turns him into a monster. In an episode of the reboot of the series, Ben 10 becomes a 2-year-old child again because of a bad spell that was cast on him. Too cute.

8. Plankton rejuvenates the people of Bikini Bottom

In an episode of Spongebob, the evil Plankton makes a poison that can change anyone’s age. He first uses it on Mr. Krabs to steal his restaurant key; then on SpongeBob who gets in his way.

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9. Babar’s Birth Episode

Before becoming king and wearing an ugly costume, Babar was a normal elephant who lived in the savannah. When he was born, the only sound he made was “ba-bar” and since his mother had no imagination, she decided to call him that. No wonder she gets hit right after, no sense this elephant…

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10. Homer and Marge Simpson welcome their first child

There are so many episodes of simpsons that the creators had time to develop a whole imaginary universe. We know the future of the characters but also their past; there is also an episode where we witness the birth of Bart who is already trying to hurt his stupid father.

11. Tom and Jerry when they were little

If you wonder what Tom the nice cat and Jerry the mouse bitch looked like when they were little, just watch the series tom and jerry kids which dates from 1990. We see the two characters when they were still only a kitten and a baby mouse. Don’t expect innovative storylines, it’s exactly the same as the original series.

12. The Origin of Splinter and the Ninja Turtles

If you don’t know the origin of ninja turtles, I’ll tell you (so sit on my lap as if I were Father Beaver). Once upon a time, four baby turtles in a glass jar. A little boy is walking down the street with his jar of turtles when suddenly a truck arrives at full speed. The child loses his jar and the turtles fall into the sewers along with a phosphorescent product that has fallen from the truck. The Splinter rat then greets them and the five animals become huge from the yucky product they touched. End.

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13. Shinichi and Ran in Detective Conan

In the series Detective Conan, Shinichi is a 17-year-old high school student in the body of a 6-year-old. Her best friend, Ran, is also 17, but some episodes (which take place in the past) allow us to see the two teenagers when they were very young.

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14. Kim Possible’s First Day of Kindergarten

In an episode of Kim Possible, Robin Trépide looks at old photo albums and reminisces about meeting Kim on their first day of school. The two children befriended by smashing faces in the playground. Adorable.

15. Arthur Read as a baby

Who knows why, there is apparently only one image (and moreover, it is blurred) of Arthur as a baby. If you don’t rememberarthurit was an American cartoon that aired on Debout les Zouzous and Canal J in the 2000s. So many memories…

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