Top 15 boring things when you’re an only child, loneliness is your only friend

1. You have no one to play with on Saturday afternoons.

Neither to the doll, nor to a board game, nor to the dinette, nor to the skipping rope. No nothing. Anybody. Nothing but the sound of the wind in the corridors of your big empty house.

Top 15 boring things when you're an only child, loneliness is your only friend

2. You have no one to mess with on Sunday mornings.

It was already not easy to play alone, so yelling at you alone is even worse in terms of boredom and lack of self-respect.

Top 15 boring things when you're an only child, loneliness is your only friend

3. Everyone takes you for a spoiled rotten fdp

Only children do not enjoy a good reputation, we imagine them to be selfish, too spoiled, often richer than children from large siblings, in short, only children pass for big buffoons.

4. You have a family of only three, the ultimate loser

Your parents are your only friends. This can cause some problems in your personal development. Even if they are super cool friends since they feed you, wash your clothes and give you pocket money.

5. Other than growing up and making friends, your experience of the opposite sex is pretty limited.

Even if the brothers brothers do not give an ultra perfect vision of the outside world, it remains a window a little closer to you than that of your parents. And even if you have a brother or sister of the same sex as you, their social experience can necessarily be added to yours.

6. When it starts to feel scorched between your parents, you are alone to have to manage the situation

And it gets worse over time, get ready to have a hard time when the divorce hits you hard.

7. The whole family is pressuring you to give them an heir.

Well yeah otherwise the name dies with you and afterwards no one will ever remember your family of losers especially since you didn’t leave to be known so clearly without children there is no more hope.

8. You feel even more guilty about leaving the family home

Often when you have brothers and sisters you can always move away a little at worst there will always be one to play the role of the perfect child and visit them regularly, then all the work is just for you. Hello scam.

Top 15 boring things when you're an only child, loneliness is your only friend

9. For lack of people to play Monopoly with, you fall back on a game of solitaire on your computer

Because in the expression “board game” there is the word “society”, and as you are alone, bah society does not exist. Fortunately, we provide you with the list of board games for one person. It’s sad, but useful.

10. When you announce that you’re not coming for Christmas, it’s a tragedy because it represents 50% fewer people

Finally 50% is in case your parents are divorced, otherwise logically it’s just 33.33%. But it’s still a lot. On the other hand, the advantage is that you have a lot less Christmas gifts to make.

11. Most of your discovery of the world happens through your parents.

So you’re not too well versed in everything that’s been done in film and music for the past 20 years. You are a bit old.

12. You’ll never know if you’re your parents’ favorite.

How can you trust them when they say you’re the most beautiful thing in the world to them when you don’t even have a sibling they can compare you to.

13. You develop a strong fear of conflict since you haven’t actually experienced too much of it.

In most families, brothers and sisters argue, about 99% of them. It doesn’t matter, on the contrary. Because when you’re alone you can certainly argue with your parents but generally your dose of conflict is reduced to nothing and when you have to argue with your best friend or your boss, you risk having a stroke.

14. You are required to have your parents on the phone at least once a week even if you haven’t lived with them for more than 10 years

The figures are very clear: once an adult, each child must have his parents at least 10 minutes on the phone in a family of 4 children. 20 minutes per week in a family of 2 children. 1 hour per week in a family with an only child.

Top 15 boring things when you're an only child, loneliness is your only friend

15. They educate you by telling you that you are an only child except that you understood that you were an only child

This is the whole tragedy of your existence. You were made to believe all your life that you were unique and you only caught on to your confusion too late.

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