Top 15 Big Myths You’ve Told Your Kids, They’re Gullible Anyway

In life we ​​all have a lot of the same lies that our parents told us. Basic lies, like Santa Claus and the Little Mouse, ok. But you were asked to share with us your own lies, the most twisted lies that you proudly told your cherubim. Well, it’s not pretty pretty. Here we give you the funniest testimonials.

1. The greediest

“At the moment they are 3 years old, but I told them that the almond magnums contain alcohol! You have to understand me there were 2 left, I wanted one and I have two children…”

2. The most transformative

“My son had a goldfish and in the morning I find him dead, I took a Chinese tree I put him in the jar and I said he had transformed at night. »

3. The most trying

To my eldest when she was 4 years old: “You know at 4 years old, the parents choose another first name for their child. For example your friend Amandine, her parents will now call her Aurore like the Princess. »

Her: “Oh and me, what’s my new name?” (With stars in her eyes).

Us: “Screwdriver. We chose a screwdriver. »

Her: big big tears.

4. The most slave-like

“I made my daughter believe that in the ATMs there was a guy locked up all day and that he was the one who gave the tickets”

5. The most physiological

“I told him that if he ate his boogers, he would have a nose that would grow into his navel”

6. The most colorful

“I told him that I had taken the fish to the vet and that he had given him an injection to cure it and that suddenly the fish had changed color (in fact the goldfish was dead and floating I told him pretended he was sleeping and while he was at school I went to buy another one but there was no more red so I took a yellow one.

7. The most food

“I told him that the prune compote is a chocolate compote. My eldest is 6 years old and welcomes the “chocolate” compote as a gift”

8. The most commercial

“My daughter asked me the famous question “how did I come into the world” and after several minutes of explanations which followed more embarrassing questions, I ended up telling her that I ordered it on Amazon. »

9. Cutest

“My husband pretended he had the mouse’s personal number, and that all you had to do was call him and they wouldn’t have their part. Except that he forgot to change the name in his directory, and I called my husband a few days later, my surprised son said: papaaaa, the mouse is calling you. »

10. The most botanical

“I made him water a Smartisier seed for 1 month: a tree that gives Smarties candies”

11. The Cleverest

“I told him the beans were green fries…”

12. The most Blackmirror-like

“I told him that the voice of Alexa (Amazon’s connected speaker) was that of a little girl who is being punished in the club…”

13. The most cannibalistic

“When my eldest was younger, I made her believe that she had older brothers and sisters, but since they were naughty, I ate them”

14. Safest

“To my 7-year-old grandson, I told him not to touch the red button in the car because it’s an ejection seat! Thanks to the sunroof…because it believed me. »

15. The most quantum

“To our eldest, returning from vacation when they had fallen asleep with his sister, we dropped his sister off at his grandmother’s, without waking him up. When we got home he asked us where his sister was?! He was made to believe that he must have been dreaming because he had never had a sister. »

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