Top 15 best tweets from @Teddyferent

Hi little friends, it’s time for the top twittos that you’ve been looking forward to all week. Yes, he is here and we have chosen a quality tweeter to entertain you during this rainy week (at home anyway). This little joker is @Teddyferent who can also be found on Twitch and in dark parking lots in the 20th arrondissement. Have a nice week to you my chickens!

1. At least it would be scary

2. People are selfish

3. Only good memories…

4. The driver then rolled over his body

5. Why not after all

6. And it’s well deserved

7. We hope that one day it will be true

8. They make no effort

9. I wouldn’t be proud to watch our taxes go up in smoke at such a young age…

10. Even more if you put it under babies who crawl

11. A little consistency please

12. I invest directly

13. More money would be better

14. We will not have demonstrated for nothing

15. They really don’t doubt anything

Well, didn’t that make you laugh? Had to eat clown this morning (even if it is prohibited by law I believe).

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