Top 15 best tweets from @OrdinaryAlso, we are all the same

Hello friends, it’s time for the top tweets that (almost) always make you laugh and as we find it very funny, we have chosen to devote this top to the best tweets of @OrdinaryAlso. Don’t panic if you speak English like François Hollande, we’ll translate it all for you.

1. I don’t want to get up. I want to stay in my bed until the day my grandson wins a golden ticket to visit a chocolate factory

2. [assis à l’arrière d’une voiture de police] it’s green eh you can go there

3. You ARE a good driver. This sidewalk had nothing to do there.

4. Neurosurgeon: *removes my brain to blow on it and puts it back in afterwards*

5. So there you come to see me exactly the day when my neck hurts because I fell asleep in a bad position?

6. “Doc, it hurts when I do this” *goes to bank app*

7. It’s IMPOSSIBLE that John Lennon imagined so many people

8. Women like to say “it’s hard to find a good guy” but they never look behind the bushes in front of the house.

9. Me: I’m going home / The sand of the beach: I’m coming with you

10. Alexa, remind me in 10 seconds why I entered this room

11. Hello police? I just got in the shower and forgot my towel

12. Pilot: We have to evacuate the plane / Me: Oh no / Pilot: Using the inflatable slides / Me: Yep!

13. I keep all my anger inside to vent it on the hangers that fall out of my closet when I pick up an item of clothing.

14. Dogs like to wrap their leash haphazardly around a post and then look at you with the air of saying “it’s all your fault”.

15. I’m not procrastinating, I knew from the start that I was never going to.

How so true haha. Tell us in the comments a little slice of life that we can all identify with please.

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